• Calm before the Storm
  • September 01 2021

September Monthly Horoscope

A potentially healing New Moon is upon us on the 6th of September at 14 degrees of Virgo. In the sign of the healer, this New Moon brings a deeper focus on health and wellbeing, and asks us to set flexible intentions, because nothing will turn out quite as we expect.

One thing we’ll need to be more aware of is our boundaries, as it’s easy to allow these to fall away and be dissipated and pushed. Both creating and respecting boundaries is absolutely key over the next several months, and we need to be constantly checking in with what our soul says.

Venus will enter passionate and profound Scorpio on September 10th. There will be a focus on deep emotional connection. Scorpio is all about being intense and intimate. This transit may really motivate us to claim our sexuality and sensuality.

There will be a strong desire to go deep within ourselves, as well as to have deep connections with others. During this time we don’t just want to connect on a surface level but on a soul level. This may illuminate sexual traumas, shame and insecurities, making it a great time to re-evaluate your perceptions of sex and intimacy.

Mars will enter Libra on September 15th and indicates that you may assert yourself in a courteous, co-ordinated, socially refined and co-operative manner. You may tend to avoid hard work, competitive activities and situations of conflict. Much of your energy will be applied to friendships, social life and relationships. You can focus more on all forms of social activity, with a desire to be noticed and accepted by others.

A powerful Pisces Full Moon occurs on September 20th. This is such a Feminine sensitive, intuitive and emotional moon. She is in a water sign and mutable, asking for flexibility and openness to change. So with all the energies brewing up it may heighten compassion, unconditionality and intuitive awareness, but also at a lower level it can lead to feeling overwhelmed, emotionally confused and scattered depending on where you are at in your life.

Libra Season begins on September 22nd. The Sun in Libra influences us to reflect on where we may have imbalances in our life. Libra represents the scales, influencing us to weigh things out. A strong need to create more of a balance in our life, find a sense of inner peace and a more harmonious life for ourselves. It also marks the first day of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. The Autumn Equinox really represents the last harvest. It’s a time of celebration, gratitude, abundance, reflection and the start of a new season. Warmth is behind us and the cold lies ahead.

Mercury Retrograde begins on September 27th in Libra. It will bring the focus on our relationships as well as our ability to make important decisions. this is a great time to review relationships and set free resentments. Avoid making major decisions just yet – don’t cut off your siblings or loved ones in a moment of anger. Instead, withdraw, reflect and deal with it after the Retrograde is over.