September Monthly Horoscope


We are in the thick of retrograde season with venus retrograde in Leo, it is often seen as a time for introspection and reevaluation of one's personal relationships, creative pursuits, and values. It may bring up past issues or unresolved matters that need to be addressed in order to move forward.

On September 3rd, when Venus turns direct finally, it signifies a time when the energies shift from introspection to outward expression, and it is often seen as a good time to implement the changes and insights gained during the retrograde period. Have you had any deep or profound changes happen to your relationships during this time?

From September 4th all the way until the end of the year, December 30th, Jupiter will be in retrograde for the first time since he entered earthy Taurus in May 2023. This 4-month period gifts us all with the opportunity to slow down and take stock. To assess where we’ve been growing, expanding, stretching, and enjoying the material opportunities that this transit has potentially brought us.

See, Jupiter’s superpower is to magnify anything he touches – especially when it comes to the sign that he’s in. Taurus represents the sensual world – the world of touch taste, smell and taste – making this 1-year period of Jupiter in Taurus very physically orientated. It’s a time of getting in touch with primal pleasure, with indulgence, perhaps even hedonism. A Taurus Jupiter urges us to focus on building – slowly and methodically – foundations that are lasting, foundations that ultimately make us feel comfortable, at home, nourished and nurtured. Our homes, bank accounts, furniture choices, quality of clothing – even our grocery cupboards – may be receiving a much-needed makeover during this time.

The New Moon in Virgo on September 14th is something very special. Barring one challenging aspect, La Luna and the Sun are being supported by a total of three planets - namely Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. This strengthens and boosts any intentions that we set, any seeds that we plant. Whatever direction we decide to embark upon, it’ll feel if the wind is at our back and the Universe smiling at us. This is bound to feel good. The seeds that we plant will flourish to the best of their potential when the qualities of Virgo are harnessed and channeled. Thus, aligning our intentions to this earth sign’s qualities is the most proactive, positive and productive thing that we can do.

We get some additional retrograde relief with Mercury going direct in Virgo on September 15th. Mercury is associated with communication, travel, and technology, and its retrograde periods are often marked by misunderstandings, travel delays, and technological mishaps. Virgo is a sign associated with practicality, details, and organization. When Mercury goes direct in Virgo, it is often seen as a good time to implement practical changes, organize your life, and improve your daily routines. It is also a favorable time for any tasks that require attention to detail, as well as for improving communication in your personal and professional relationships.

With the Libra Season starting on September 23rd, we strive to become more adaptable, kind, well balanced, and a love for order and harmony. Refined, courteous, filled with good taste. You want to desire the finer things in life. It is great to spend time with others to feel at your best, friendships and partnerships mean a great deal to you.

There is more of a need for constant physical and mental stimulation, although occasional solitude is required for balance. Loyalty and a need to please others ensures you love and affection. You should try to possess a strong sense of fair play and not try bend the rules a little for your own ends.

A Full Moon in the Warrior sign of Aries on September 29th brings to fruition events and intentions seeded on the New Moon during the Equinox of March 21st. This was a special New Moon, sitting at 00 degrees, right at the very start of a new season, in the very first sign of the zodiac. Thus, multiple new beginnings may have been undertaken back then. These beginnings are now coming full circle.

Aries is the sign of the Pioneer and the Risk Taker. The Individualist, the Fighter and the Soldier. This is the most independent, courageous sign of all. Collectively, it’s productive to reflect where in our worlds we were brave enough to step up and take a risk. Where did we hit the reset button? What became fresh, new and exciting, way back then? In what way did we dare to be bold? Relationships, career moves, relocation and/or other major areas of our worlds may have been shifted in very important ways.

Full Moons are also a moment in time where we can acknowledge any mistakes we made, any failures to launch. We get to review what worked and what didn’t. We get to release and let go so that, come the next new phase., we are wiser and more experienced.

Relationships are likely the most important theme at this time, seeing as the Sun is in Libra, as well as the ruler of this Full Moon, Mars. Balancing ‘me’ and we’ is key. We may need to release certain connections in order to better nurture our selfhood and personal path. Or, we may simply need to come to a better middle ground, which is not always easy for the willful Aries. Yet, the Sun and Mars are here to assist – if we allow their energy in.