New Moon in Gemini June 03 2019

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New Moon in Gemini June 03 2019

Speaking Up
June 03 2019

The New Moon on June 3rd at 12° Gemini draws attention to communication at all levels. Therefore, thoughts and ideas as well as positive and negative self-talk are under the microscope. As well as the ways we interact with others through communicating. The verbal exchange under the Moon’s rays can be emotionally driven. The outflow of words may be our key method of emotional clearing, but we also need to be receptive of other peoples perspectives.

Jupiter sits in opposition to the Moon though its quite a wide orb. Jupiter the planet of plenty, has bountiful wisdom, knowledge, and experience to offer. Yet, in opposition to the Moon, Sun, and Mercury, it may also have just a little too much to say.

Part of the challenge for many of us this month will be achieving a fine balance in applying knowledge and communication skills. Whilst getting to the truth is also the spiritual direction of Jupiter, the way this truth sets us free may not always be comfortable. An outpouring of words, therapeutic though that could be, might lead to more arguments than anticipated. We can perhaps influence the direction of those developments as Mercury is strong in its own sign of Gemini. But listening and truly hearing what is said is as vital as speaking up. 

Venus trine Pluto may increase your need for love and affection while making you feel more deeply about loved ones. It adds intensity in your relationships and those things which bring you joy and satisfaction. A new relationship would be very intense indeed and may involve an affair or some other complication.

Gemini is famous for keeping options open, perhaps trying to escape boredom or the potential disappointment of committing to something that then fails to
please or deliver. However this is a lucky new moon because it is close to the fixed star Aldebaran. It gives more energy and courage which works so well with a new moon, a time for new beginnings. Aldebaran can bring success in business but also causes high anxiety.

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