• Changing Thoughts
  • May 30 2022

New Moon in Gemini

 It’s the first lunation after an intense and transformative Eclipse Season. Happening in the intellectual sign of Gemini on May 30th, this New Moon gifts us with vision for the future as well as the ability to act on our vision. But first, we have to work our way through any limiting mental beliefs that might be holding us back from reaching our fullest potential.

The reason for this is that the ruler of this New Moon – Mercury – is currently still Retrograde and conjunct the ‘Demon Star’ Algol. We may be caught in a repetitive whirlwind of obsessive thinking, which is important to release so that we can tap into the fresh beginnings that New Moons always offer. Especially a New Moon conjunct the Star Aldebaran, a Star indicating good fortune. However, the martial energy released does need to be tempered with some caution and care, as it has an extraordinary amount of power that we can use for good or ill.

The question to ask right now is what old, outworn beliefs could we still be carrying around? How might we be downplaying our strengths, or not voicing our truth for fear of being shut down, ridiculed or judged?

 The truth is, during this New Moon, that the greatest judge of all lies in our own heads. What we believe becomes our reality. Perhaps setting intentions for stronger, more disciplined and focused mental health routines may be just the key to break through to the other side. On the other side of fear and negativity, lies love, hope and optimism. This is proven by the soft but powerful links to both Jupiter and Mars, each in courageous Aries. This lends fuel to our fire and helps us to accomplish the ideas that we will be undoubtedly coming up with during this heady time.

It's important to note that Saturn, the great karmic tough-love teacher, casts a limiting square to Mercury. This could have us all feeling as if there’s an authoritative hand wrapped around our throat. However, Saturn always has a gift to share, and square aspects are simply an invite from the Universe to evolve. Tension is a driver for change. On this New Moon, the shift needs to come from within, before we can start manifesting changes outwardly.

Making the preparations for a long-term project might be the key to using this New Moon energy constructively. Once we’ve laid our foundations, we can push things forward as soon as Mercury goes direct. And although Algol is a difficult star, prone to reflecting times of destructive confusion and ‘losing our heads’, we can harness this Star’s force to destroy anything that no longer has a place in our world. This will help us to move forward with the light, eager, curious and adaptable qualities that Gemini offers and tap into the powerful and driven energies of Star Alderbaran.

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