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New Moon October 19 2017 - 10/19/2017 3:12:00 PM ~ Finding Balance

New Moon October 19 2017

The Libra New Moon on the 19th of October inspires an evolutionary leap into a more transcendent and expansive awareness, especially in love and relationships. The Sun and Moon unite at 26° Libra, precisely opposing Uranus at 26° Aries Venus-ruled Libra is cardinal air, a catalyst for creating harmony, beauty and connection in communication and social realms. While the Libra New Moon is a time to come into greater balance in our relationships and our lives, its opposition to Uranus suggests that we might need to do something abit radical or different to get there. Its a great time to think about how the Uranus Opposition Jupiter has affected us whether through relationships, our thought patterns and beliefs and also our behaviors. This New Moon gets us more insight on how to take those lessons and apply ourselves in new and inventive Uranian ways.

The Libra part of us is here to learn and grow through the reflection of ourselves that we see in another. Everyone is holding up a mirror so that we can know and embrace more of ourselves. With Uranus and Eris opposite the New Moon, the reflections we encounter could trigger old wounds of rejection or abandonment.  The Leo North Node suggests that an open heart is the best navigational tool and the key to our evolution. 

Jupiter, newly in Scorpio, makes an wide conjunction with the New Moon in Libra. Jupiter in Scorpio for the next year supports deepening intimacy and efforts toward mutual empowerment in partnerships. Mercury closely conjoins Jupiter, supporting deep, intense, truthful conversations that, while uncomfortable, can lead to greater intimacy and aliveness. We have the potential to better understand each other’s motivations and desires, and to learn how we can support one another.

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