New Moon in Pisces


A tender, sweet and unconditionally loving New Moon in Pisces unfolds on February 20th, hinting at soulful new beginnings. This is certainly a powerful cosmic moment for starting over. Yet, because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, certain doors may need to close before embarking upon this new journey.

Releasing – be it emotions, relationships, a career path or something else – is in line with what this New Moon wants of us. Since it occurs at the very early degrees of the sign – one degree – it’s also going to be important to cultivate the more mature qualities of Pisces. When planets are in this sensitive degree, it’s tempting to play in the shallows of the sign rather than going a little deeper. Pisces’ lower-vibration qualities include avoidance, addiction and escapism, all of which are potential dangers of this New Moon. So, how can we make sure that we don’t become mired in these kinds of behaviors?

Well, we can collectively tune into the higher vibrations of the fish – forgiveness, spiritual connection, healthy escapism, creativity and divine love. Channeling these qualities into any situation will be healing instead of harmful, and healing is an important theme during this New Moon. Traditionally ruled by Jupiter, sitting in action-orientated Aries, we have the resources and ability to take action, stand up for ourselves and be assertive and purposeful. Combined with the soft creativity of Pisces, we could be unstoppable when it comes to aligning ourselves with the divine will of the Universe. Faith, trust and hope are all characteristics of Pisces and Aries, just as long as we don’t fall into the trap of naivety.

Jupiter sextiles Mercury at this New Moon, bringing our ideas and philosophies together, and helping to manifest our visions, balance thought with action and the small details with the bigger picture. This lends an intellectual balance to an otherwise very emotional time, allowing us to follow the guidance of both head and heart.

The modern planetary ruler of Pisces – Neptune – is conjoining Venus, who sits at the very last degree of the sign. This is an interesting dichotomy, because when a planet is at the last degrees, it indicates the fullness and maturity of the sign, as opposed to the newness of the first few degrees. Thus, relationships in particular are likely to be an area where we’ve learnt a great deal, especially about letting go and trusting – lessons which we need to apply now. Moving through the misty fog of Neptune may be a little challenging, so we’ll have to go with our gut and move in tandem with our intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, that’s because it very likely isn’t. Validating our feelings is key during this time in order to build inner trust.

Finally, Saturn sits very close by to this New Moon, and although in a different sign, there’s still the shadow of his influence, which is stabilizing, disciplined and committed to the karmic work at hand. The next six months will be very telling as to which of our intentions have been pure and which won’t work. Spiritual practices at this time include praying, meditating and communicating with the Divine to explore what our soul’s mission for the year ahead is.