New Moon in Pisces


It’s said that the longest journey is the one we take to get from the head to the heart. The journey from the Last New Moon in heady Aquarius to the destination of heart-centered Pisces has been quite the pilgrimage, with plenty of twists and turns all along the way. On March 10th, we finally make our soul’s landfall. Now’s the time we get to sow seeds in the realms of dreams, of the subconscious, using the mediums of prayer, meditation or other altered states.

A New Moon in Pisces is a peculiar event, what with Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac and thus, archetypically symbolizing endings, closure, transcendence and the eventual merging with all that is. This is the sign that wears all the colors of the rainbow, that absorbs all the qualities of the rest of the signs, thus embodying Wise Mystic, the Godhead, the Yogi. The highest expression of Pisces is the Intuitive Healer, the One that heals with unconditional love and endless compassion.

Yet, we also know that there is a lower vibration of Pisces. The Archetype of the Victim, the Addict and the Charlatan can also be expressed in the shadow of the mystical fish. The choice is, like always, ours as to which of these Archetypes we wish to call upon during this magical cosmic moment.  Neptune and Saturn’s co-presence at either side of this New Moon encourages us to tether our vision to reality. To imagine, but to also be realistic. To merge, yet merge with clear boundaries. To open, but to be discerning about who and what we open up to. Pisces is the most vulnerable of the water signs. It has no shell, no armor, like its sister signs, Cancer the Crab and Scorpio the Scorpion. Pisces has no defenses, making it susceptible to it all and almost painfully sensitive.

Reflect mindfully on the beginning that you'd like to embark upon this next six-month journey, until the culmination of the Full Moon in Pisces in Spring/Autumn. Perhaps it’s a spiritual journey you're eager to explore, or an inner expedition perhaps, using supports such as plant medicines, shamanism or other deep practices.

Yet, regardless of our choices, we also need to ensure that the tools and people we surround ourselves with now are true and authentic. We need to avoid becoming immersed in the twin themes of deception and illusion. The Tarot Card 7 of Cups comes to mind, in which we might become lost in fantasy, lost in projection, only to discover, later down the line, the hard truths that Saturn often brings.

Sextile Uranus, there’s a promise of excitement, of something unexpected, coming our way soon. It's a gentle aspect, indicating opportunities that need to be either created or received. Opportunities that ask us to step outside of our comfort zones and perhaps embrace what we’d never have considered before. Freedom is the ultimate result, the healing panacea that is promised - after the work is done.