• Exploring Emotions
  • November 23 2022

New Moon in Sagittarius

Eclipse Season is finally over, and with this upcoming New Moon in optimistic, bright and happy Sagittarius, we have the opportunity to pick up the pieces and start over. The energy around this lunation is incredibly positive, promising growth and spiritual insight, particularly if we’ve had some very intense and difficult changes over the last few months.

Themes of Sagittarius include travel, teaching, personal development, fun and expansion. If your feet have been itchy lately, this is the ideal time to sow seeds for a trip somewhere, perhaps even heading to a much longed-for spiritual retreat or a sacred plant journey.

In fact, doing something along these lines at this moment in time will likely yield profound learnings, so allow yourself to open up to the wisdom of the Universe. The symbol for Sagittarius is the centaur shooting his arrow of knowledge into the sky for the world to share. Tap into this during New Moon, and we’ll find that the cosmos is more than willing to open the doors of perception for us.

Ruling this New Moon is a strongly placed Jupiter at twenty-eight degrees of Pisces. In ancient Astrology, Jupiter was the traditional ruler of this sign, thus making him act at his very best here. This is the last time Jupiter will be in the sign of the cosmic fishes for another twelve years or so, making it crucial to make use of his abundant gifts. Once again, travel is a central theme, as is spiritual growth and personal expansion. How do these ideologies fit into your world? What are you doing to develop yourself, to explore, to broaden your horizons? Meditation, yoga, conscious dance, retreats, spiritual pilgrimages and holistic therapies are all on the menu for this New Moon, so take your pick.

Jupiter is also conjunct magical, mystical Neptune, allowing for us to reach those powerful spiritual heights that we so yearn for. Sure, we could go a little far, and need to keep in mind that escapism and spirituality often sit side by side. It’s said that all addicts are frustrated mystics, so be sure to tap into archetypal Mystic rather than the Avoidant Escapist during this time. Indulge in healthy rituals rather than those that simply numb. With Mars squaring Neptune and Jupiter, we’ll have to collectively check ourselves and our motivations, acting with absolute integrity. Navigating our actions with a strong moral compass is key if we wish to emerge with our self-respect intact.

Fortunately, Mars is in a strong trine with Saturn, which should settle his wayward energies and help us to choose right, responsible behavior, to choose structure, discipline and to take the moral high ground. This also helps to temper the oftentimes excessive energy that Sagittarius can invite, curbing the urge to do everything, all at once, right now. With this in mind, planting very discerning intentions is key, otherwise we might find ourselves rather overwhelmed once this New Moon hits its fruition point in six months’ time.  

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