• Resolving Relationships
  • November 15 2020

New Moon in Scorpio

On the 15th of November, just a few days after Mars going Direct, there’s an intense New Moon in the deep, watery sign of Scorpio. The Moon is not traditionally always comfortable in this sign, even though water is her favorite element. It can reveal our collective dark side, our shadows, and all the monsters under the bed that we are afraid to confront and see.

 Symbolically, the New Moon is a dark time, a time of going inward rather than outward, a time of manifestation as she waxes and grows in light in the coming weeks and months. Combined with the shadowy, secretive sign of Scorpio, we can expect this New Moon to be particularly deep and mysterious. This is also a Super Moon which means the moon is alot closer to the earth than normal

 The traditional ruler of this sign, Mars, is still sitting in his home sign of Aries, the Warrior. We may feel a collective up surging of action, of needing to plant intentions that push us into taking control of your situations – and this applies to the worldwide stage, too.

 Mars is widely aspected to Pluto and Venus, which may bring about extra drama and pressures on our relationships, specifically in our romantic relationships. With the intensity of Scorpio, combined with Pluto and Mars, we will also need to be mindful of not allowing our shadow parts to take over. It’s common to see moments of violence, feeling like we have to be ruthless or dominate in order to get ahead. It’s important to never judge ourselves for our normal, human feelings, but to instead, be proud that we don’t act on them. And to keep a good eye on world events and how they unfold.

 Pluto is, after all, the modern ruler of Scorpio, and can bring on profound, deep transformation, along with the phoenix-like energy of Scorpio New Moon. What do you want to burn all the way to thru ground, and resurrect? This is the theme of the Scorpio New Moon, and it’s not airy-fairy.

 It’s also important to take into account the Mercury-Uranus opposition, as that may have our plans becoming disrupted, and our minds changing every few moments as new stimulus and information comes into our environment. The challenge here is to stay grounded and not overreact to the constantly – changing status quo. This is, after all post-election and likely that interesting, new, news emerges.

 Finally, Saturn and Pluto square the Libra Venus, which further disrupts our romantic and personal relationships, making it hard to find compromise. Power struggles are possible, as well as feelings of insecurity, guilt, and problems around pleasure and joy. Money issues may become prevalent and we are asked to prune, to be careful and reserved.

 In love, we are asked to look at any toxic dynamics and find new way of dealing with them in order to make ways for a deeper and truer intimacy and togetherness. Rather than giving into the collective shadow, let us rise above and transform, be reborn. After all, Scorpio  rules death and rebirth, and knows just how to turn coal into diamonds. Yes, we may feel extra pressure and intensity around this New Moon with karmic endings even coming about, but we might look forward to the next six months to see the results of the hard work we put in now.

 Let us be very careful of the magic we work with; of the rituals we do. Let us face our shadow together and be as kind as possible – to ourselves, each other and the world.