New Moon in Virgo


The New Moon in Virgo on September 14th is something very special. Barring one challenging aspect, La Luna and the Sun are being supported by a total of three planets - namely Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. This strengthens and boosts any intentions that we set, any seeds that we plant. Whatever direction we decide to embark upon, it’ll feel if the wind is at our back and the Universe smiling at us. This is bound to feel good.

The seeds that we plant will flourish to the best of their potential when the qualities of Virgo are harnessed and channeled. Thus, aligning our intentions to this earth sign’s qualities is the most proactive, positive and productive thing that we can do.

So, what are these qualities, exactly? Well, Virgo rules our health and wellness, our routine, our work, our schedules, diaries, and to-do lists, as well as our finances. Virgo also rules critical thinking and loves to be of practical service. See, Virgo doesn’t do wishy-washy. Virgo does realistic. Virgo does useful.

Reflect carefully on which of these topics will serve you best in the months to come. Is there a new health regime you’d like to embark upon? A new routine? Is your mind, soul and body yearning to be better taken care of? Now’s the time to heed that call.

Also beneficial will be getting our ducks on a row when it comes to our material situation. This is the moment to embrace spreadsheets, to enjoy creating a budget for the next few months. Scheduling meetings and getting our calendars prepared for what’s ahead is also likely to be extremely satisfying during this New Moon. Adulting has never felt quite this good.

In terms of being of service, those of us who would like to step into a path of healing are urged to do so now. With the applying trine to Pluto, we may even be called to a path pf shamanism or deeper transformational work, either towards others, or within ourselves. Either way, it’s bound to be evolutionary. Uranus, too, is supporting this New Moon, lending innovation, excitement, and an unusual, possibly quite progressive path. Thus, the potential mundane-ness of Virgo is given a thrilling boost. Keep in mind that our intentions may not work out quite as we expected. In fact, they may even work out better than we could ever have anticipated.

Mercury, the planetary ruler of this New Moon, goes direct on this very same day. This is yet another auspicious sign that things are about to go our way. Clear discernment abounds, in true Virgoan style, and our critical thinking, problem-solving abilities are bound to be stronger than ever. Sure, Mercury will take a hot minute to get back up to his usual speed, but at least the ball’s finally rolling.

The only downside to this powerful lunation would be the opposition to nebulous Neptune. With this aspect, we need to be mindful of projecting a fantasy onto our vision for the future. Instead, we need to stay as realistic as possible. Fortunately, with the support of so many cosmic bodies, this energy should be mitigated to a large degree. Nevertheless, keeping our feet on the ground is essential to manifest the fullest potential of this important and unique cosmic moment.