• Fresh Start
  • April 20 2023

Solar Eclipse in Aries

About a month ago, there was a New Moon in Aries at 0 degrees of the sign. Now, once again, there’s another New Moon in Aries, but this time, at twenty-nine degrees. This is important, signifying repetitive and powerful themes around independence, taking risks and embracing adventure in these next few months, or even years.


The difference between these two lunations is that this one, aside from being in the latter degrees of this sign, is a Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipses are known to be supercharged New Moon energy, which emphasizes the Aries-like themes of new beginnings, new challenges and new chapters. To also keep in mind is that any planet at the last degree of the sign, such as this Eclipse, tends to manifest the most mature energies connected to that Archetype. This also tends to signify that circumstances are likely to change very quickly, at the last hour – thus, accessing the inherent spontaneity of Aries and the willingness to rise to the challenge should come easily as we navigate the twists and turns offered by this Eclipse.


Because of the maturity of this New Moon’s energy, we can rest assured that the actions we take are full of integrity and free of the wild recklessness of the previous Aries New Moon. This time, we have the opportunity to take charge with the seasoned experience of the veteran soldier – the one who has learnt from grueling experience.


The question to ask is what will you kick off during this powerful Eclipse? What have you never had the courage to do, and where have you avoided facing your fears? We are all invited to seize the reins and redirect ourselves onto the path that we were always meant to walk, even if that means leaving certain situations and relationships behind.   

But isn’t that selfish? Granted, Aries does have the reputation for being self-absorbed when in shadow, yet this quality is also the greatest gift of the Ram. Being able to know what we want and how to get it is an incredible attribute, because it’s only when we’re being true to ourselves that we can begin to show up in this truth for the ones whom we love. As it’s said ‘fill your own cup first before you fill the cup of others’. The North Node is still in Taurus at this Eclipse, ensuring that whatever changes we make, we will still have some caution, care and thought to whatever we set into motion.  

Conjunct Jupiter, this Eclipse has a feeling of luck about it. Whatever we touch can turn to gold and whatever we set out to do, we’ll likely be protected. Ruled by Mars in Cancer - not the best sign for this planet, we’ll still need to ensure that when we start out on our Hero’s Journey, that we do so with assertion and direct motion. Mars in Cancer is sometimes guilty of passive-aggression, but is also capable of achieving great things when we know that what we’re fighting for is meaningful to our hearts – be it a career, relationship or a new personal chapter.

Finally, it’s important to remember that Eclipses oftentimes take something away from us, so that something new can be born. Ask yourself what you can proactively and courageously purge at this point. If change is coming at you, find ways to respond to the situation in a wise and valiant manner. Accessing the Hero/Heroine within is a fundamental lesson of this fiery, bold and brave Solar Eclipse.  

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