New Moon in Taurus


The first New Moon after an intense Eclipse Season offers the opportunity for grounding and safety. Eclipses often tend to stir up chaos and rapid, accelerated change. This makes it a good time to set an intention that aligns with the values of the stability-loving earth sign of Taurus. 

Yet, with Uranus still close by – within 9 degrees – there may be lingering aftershocks of the unexpected shifts that unfolded over the last few weeks. Staying open to unpredictability whilst finding a solid anchor to draw strength from, is advised during this New Moon. Immersing ourselves in nature, somatic bodywork practices and connecting to our senses are just some of the ways that we can tune into Taurean energies and regain our center. 

It's important to remember that when things seem to spin out of control, as they may have recently, it’s likely due to a much-needed reshuffling of priorities. What are your priorities right now? Roots? Material stability? Living aligned to your values? Relationships? Sensual pleasure? These are all positive topics connected to the New Moon, topics that we can set intentions around. New Moons have a way of unfolding over several months, so the patience and methodical approach of Taurus are excellent qualities to utilize, as we slowly build ourselves back up. 

One thing to keep in mind is that this New Moon is only two degrees away from Algol, an intense Fixed Star symbolizing transformation, magic and power. There can be traumatic experiences when this Star is triggered, making the next few months potentially tricky. In ancient texts, Algol has been understood as the “Demon Star”, representing the severed head of Medusa. 

Yet, upon studying this tragic tale, we come to understand that through tragedy and trauma, emerges the potential for empowerment. The head of Medusa, after all, also became a symbol for protection. Thus, we can use our trauma to get stuck, or to experience what’s been called ‘PTG’ or, “Post Traumatic Growth”.  We have the ability to rise after these changes, and possibly even live a far better life than we did before. It will take commitment and dedication to our healing, in whatever form that takes for us. Once again, body-based work is generally favored for the earthy sign of Taurus. Often, it’s also more than enough to simply live a ‘normal’, material life of working, earning a living, planting roots and going about our routines. There is so much unembellished, no-frills healing in these actions.  

Rituals over this New Moon that incorporate protection and warding off negativity are highly favored. In fact, making a talisman of some kind may be just what we need to tap into the magic of this New Moon. Taurus loves to work with its hands and get crafty and physical. And with Jupiter having just entered this sign, this energy is becoming even more emphasized over the course of the next 12 months. 

Venus, as the ruler of the New Moon, sits in nurturing Cancer. This further highlights the desire to nest and connect to our emotions through simple, but powerful routines and rituals. Home truly is where the heart is at this New Moon, and all too often, that homecoming simply means coming home to ourselves.