• Intellectual Relationships
  • May 2020

Venus Retrograde in Gemini

Venus is unusually spending four-month long months through the sign of Gemini. This retrograde period inspires us to seek out new and interesting relationships and makes us painfully aware of the times when we are not intellectually stimulated by our companions. Venus in Gemini thrives on intelligent, witty conversation and is easily bored or distracted when a conversation becomes circular or dull.

Venus is feminine in nature and rules the sense of touch. It is the receiver of both material things and love, and governs kindness, politeness, and musical tone. Venus is dignified, affectionate and the lover of beautiful things, including jewelry, clothing, and cosmetics. Venus requires comfortable surroundings accented by beauty.

When Venus is retrograde, its effect and influence are reversed. This indicates that spirit is energized, causing retrograde Venus to resemble the qualities of Mars. Personal relationships are of a different magnitude when Venus is retrograde. The ability to express love is restricted and altered.

Retrogrades carry with them a certain promise that there are lessons to be learned relative to the retrograde planet, Retrograde also means return. Venus retrograde may take one back to a former lover. Remember, there is a lesson still to be learned, but the circumstances will not be the same as they were previously.

On May 20th, Venus will square Neptune causing some confusion, mistrust and possible deceit. Try to be honest with your communications with your partner, but also dont jump to conclusions about the state of your relationships. Your feelings will not be clear and you could end up making rash or bad decisions.

On June 2nd, Venus Square Mars will cause additional conflict with your personal relationships. It may involve arguments or power struggles. In general, it will be a frustating time in your relationships but it will bring to the surface past issues that may need to be resolved.