Zodiac Ascendant in Sagittarius Symbol

Ascendant in Sagittarius Planets-in-Signs

Ascendant in Sagittarius

Perhaps the most upbeat personality of them all. Astoundingly buoyant attitude toward life, even displaying persistent optimism ten minutes after experiencing a trauma, disappointment, or major setback . The ultimate positive thinker, with an innate philosophical and/ or religious attitude, even if not in a conventional way. Often a grateful person with generous instincts. The overflowing positive energies frequently manifest as wide-ranging inspirational, original, and/ or promotional ability.

Ascendant in Sagittarius Tarot Card Symbols

These are some Tarot cards that are connected Ascendant in Sagittarius. It is interesting to note similarities between each card such as the objects and ideas pictured and the colors that are used. One aspect that is particular interesting about the Osho Tarot Deck is its use of color and interesting symbolic concepts.. These symbols give us understanding into underlying ideas and thought patterns that can be used for meditation. The Inner Guide Meditation connects astrology to the tarot with amazing practical meditation exercises to expand your awareness.

Ascendant in Sagittarius Sabian Symbols

1° Sagittarius
Retired Army Veterans Gather To Reawaken Old Memories.
2° Sagittarius
The Ocean Covered With Whitecaps.
3° Sagittarius
Two Men Playing Chess.
4° Sagittarius
A Little Child Learning To Walk.
5° Sagittarius
An Old Owl Up In A Tree.
6° Sagittarius
A Game Of Cricket.
7° Sagittarius
Cupid Knocking At The Door Of A Human Heart.
8° Sagittarius
Deep Within The Depths Of The Earth, New Elements Are Being Formed.
9° Sagittarius
A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up The Stairs.
10° Sagittarius
A Theatrical Representation Of A Golden Haired 'GODDESS Of Opportunity'.
11° Sagittarius
The Lamp Of Physical Enlightenment At The Left Temple.
12° Sagittarius
A Flag That Turns Into An Eagle That Crows.
13° Sagittarius
A Widow's Past Is Brought To Light.
14° Sagittarius
The Pyramids And The Sphinx.
15° Sagittarius
The Ground Hog Looking For Its Shadow On Ground Hog Day.
16° Sagittarius
Sea Gulls Fly Around A Ship Looking For Food.
17° Sagittarius
An Easter Sunrise Service.
18° Sagittarius
Tiny Children In Sunbonnets.
19° Sagittarius
Pelicans, Disturbed By The Garbage Of People Move Their Young To A New Habitat.
20° Sagittarius
In Winter People Cutting Ice From A Frozen Pond, For Summer Use.
21° Sagittarius
A Child And A Dog Wearing Borrowed Eyeglasses.
22° Sagittarius
A Chinese Laundry.
23° Sagittarius
Immigrants Entering A New Country.
24° Sagittarius
A Bluebird Standing At The Door Of The House.
25° Sagittarius
A Chubby Boy On A Hobbyhorse.
26° Sagittarius
A Flag-Bearer In A Battle.
27° Sagittarius
The Sculptor's Vision Is Taking Form.
28° Sagittarius
An Old Bridge Over A Beautiful Stream In Constant Use.
29° Sagittarius
A Fat Boy Mowing The Lawn.
30° Sagittarius
The Pope Blessing The Faithful.

Ascendant in Sagittarius Animal Symbols

These are Animals that have characteristics similar to Ascendant in Sagittarius. Animals have a profound effect on our subconscious and many traditions know how we are drawn to certain animal types. The Animal Wise Tarot is a great way to understand what animals can mean to us both consciously and unconsciously. Notice the similarities between these animals like what family they belong, how many legs they have, whether the swim,run or fly. Click on the animal that connects to you the most to find out more about them.

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