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Uranus in Libra

Those born in this generation have the ability to receive intuitively from the planetary mind innovative ways of relating to people and handling the area of personal relationships from a new level of understanding. Disruption occurs from outmoded ideals about the marriage relationship, and in the arena of partnership agreements in general.


Libra Zodiac Signs
Libra represents the Air element. It is a sign that is more extroverted and active. For Venus inspiredLibra, beauty, balance and harmony are important. There is a great need to share, tobe fair and impartial. Even with this need for calm, Libra remains a very active, outwardlyradiating personality. Libra is the cheerleader we all need to work ...


Uranus Zodiac Planets
When Uranus influences a relationship planet either within or between charts, there is a need to go beyond the traditional boundaries of that planet. Moon/Uranus will never settle for ordinary anything, and gets uncomfortable when life becomes bound by the mundane. Venus-Uranus is attracted to the unusual, and will have a style of loving where love and freedom/space go hand in hand. Mars-Uranus is...


Venus Zodiac Planets
Venus represents our feminine or sensual nature. It rules over two areas of life : love and money. Venus rules our sentiments, what we value and pleasure including grace and charm. Venus rules the arts, love and romance, beauty entertainment and comfort. We look to venus in your chart to identify how we approach our relationships whether through security, conquest or adventure and what things in l...

7th House

7th House Houses
The Seventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Partnership. With this House, we see a shift away from the self toward another -- a partner. By cooperating with and relating to another we unite for the purpose of achieving something. Purpose is important to the Seventh House -- the act of accomplishing something great or small for the self, the partnership and even society as a whole....


Air Elements
Those with too much emphasis on the air element have an over-active mind which must be guided and controlled. This is the sort of person that lives in his head and, if there is little earth or fire to motivate him to act on the ideas, he can become a dabbler in all sorts of curiosities without having much effect or developing much depth within himself. These people cant do anything without thinkin...


Sapphire Crystals

These are some Tarot cards that are connected Uranus in Libra. It is interesting to note similarities between each card such as the objects and ideas pictured and the colors that are used. One aspect that is particular interesting about the Osho Tarot Deck is its use of color and interesting symbolic concepts.. These symbols give us understanding into underlying ideas and thought patterns that can be used for meditation. The Inner Guide Meditation connects astrology to the tarot with amazing practical meditation exercises to expand your awareness.


Justice Tarot Major Arcana
The predominance of red in this card indicates at a glance that its subject is energy, power and strength. The brilliant glow emanates from the solar plexus, or center of power on the figure, and the posture is one of exuberance and determination. All of us occasionally reach a point when ""enough is enough.""At such times it seems we must do something, anything, even if it later turns ou...

The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot Major Arcana
What we call love is really a whole spectrum of relating, reaching from the earth to the sky. At the most earthy level, love is sexual attraction. Many of us remain stuck there, because our conditioning has burdened our sexuality with all kinds of expectations and repressions. Actually the biggest ""problem"" with sexual love is that it never lasts. Only if we accept this fact can we then reall...

4 of Swords

4 of Swords Tarot Minor Arcana
The woman in this picture is living in a gray landscape, full of unreal, cut-out clouds. Through the window frame she can see colors and light and aliveness, and although she would like to move through the frame--as we can see by the rainbow colors appearing in her garment--she can't quite manage to do it. There is still too much 'what-if?' activity in her mind.Tomorrow never comes,...

2 of Swords

2 of Swords Tarot Minor Arcana
The person on this card brings a new twist to the old idea of "getting stuck between a rock and a hard place"! But we are in precisely this sort of situation when we get stuck in the indecisive and dualistic aspect of the mind. Should I let my arms go and fall head-first, or let my legs go and fall feet-first? Should I go here or there? Should I say yes or no? And whatever decision we make, we ...

Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups Tarot Court Cards
The bird pictured on this card is looking out from what seems to be a cage. There is no door, and actually the bars are disappearing. The bars were an illusion, and this small bird is being summoned by the grace and freedom and encouragement of the others. It is spreading its wings, ready to take flight for the very first time. The dawn of a new understanding--that the cage has always been open...
1° Libra
A Butterfly Preserved And Made Perfect With A Dart Through It.
2° Libra
The Light Of The Sixth Race Transmuted To The Seventh.
3° Libra
The Dawn Of A New Day Reveals Everything Changed.
4° Libra
A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion Around A Campfire.
5° Libra
A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge Of The New World To His Students.
6° Libra
A Man Watches His Ideals Taking A Concrete Form Before His Inner Vision.
7° Libra
A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From The Hawks.
8° Libra
A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home.
9° Libra
Three Old Masters Hanging In A Special Room In An Art Gallery.
10° Libra
A Canoe Approaching Safety Through Dangerous Waters.
11° Libra
A Professor Peering Over His Glasses At His Students.
12° Libra
Miners Are Emerging From A Deep Coal Mine.
13° Libra
Children Blowing Soap Bubbles.
14° Libra
In The Heat Of The Noon, A Man Takes A Siesta.
15° Libra
Circular Paths.
16° Libra
After A Storm, A Boat Landing Stands In Need Of Reconstruction.
17° Libra
A Retired Sea Captain Watches Ships Entering And Leaving The Harbour.
18° Libra
Two Men Placed Under Arrest.
19° Libra
A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding.
20° Libra
A Jewish Rabbi Performing His Duties.
21° Libra
A Crowd Upon A Beach.
22° Libra
A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain.
23° Libra
Chanticleer's Voice Heralds The Rising Sun With Exuberant Tones.
24° Libra
A Third Wing On The Left Side Of A Butterfly.
25° Libra
The Sight Of An Autumn Leaf Brings To A Pilgrim The Sudden Revelation Of The Mystery Of Life And Death.
26° Libra
An Eagle And A Large White Dove Turning Into Each Other.
27° Libra
An Airplane Sails, High In The Clear Sky.
28° Libra
A Man In Deep Gloom. Unnoticed, Angels Come To His Help.
29° Libra
Mankind's Vast Enduring Effort To Reach For Knowledge Transferable From Generation To Generation. Knowledge.
30° Libra
Three Mounds Of Knowledge On A Philosopher's Head.
These are Animals that have characteristics similar to Uranus in Libra. Animals have a profound effect on our subconscious and many traditions know how we are drawn to certain animal types. The Animal Wise Tarot is a great way to understand what animals can mean to us both consciously and unconsciously. Notice the similarities between these animals like what family they belong, how many legs they have, whether the swim,run or fly. Click on the animal that connects to you the most to find out more about them.


Dog Animal Totems
Dogs are not uncommon in folklore and mythology. They are often seen as companion animals to heroes, gods or goddesses, or are depicted as creepy, foreboding creatures who stalk the night.Dogs usually play the role of loyal helpers and friends of men in Native American folklore, just as they do in most other world mythology. Many Native American folktales have to do with the proper treatm...

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