Full Moon in Scorpio


A witchy, deep and intense Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the sky on April 24th. It’s a culmination of the energies initiated around the New Moon in this same sign, back on November 23rd. There, a process of purging began, a process of change, a process of shifting from the proverbial caterpillar into the dazzling butterfly symbolized by this powerful Moon.

Granted, La Luna is not at her most comfortable in Scorpio. Under a still-seeming lake, seethes monsters, shadows and darkness; darknesses that aren’t for the faint hearted. Yet, when we’re bold enough to do a deep dive and make friends with what we'd normally prefer to keep hidden, we emerge empowered and unafraid of what lurks beneath. The famous quote by Mary Oliver states ‘Someone I once loved gave me a box of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift’.

Take a moment and breathe these words in. How do they resonate with you? How have you shifted, changed and transformed over these last several months, even in the most subtle of ways? How can you take the recent crises that presented themselves and balance these with a sense of embodied calm, peace and groundedness? 

See, the Sun in Taurus, opposite the Moon, illuminates all of these above-mentioned qualities in this most peaceful of Archetypes. Full Moons are about balance, about releasing and reworking. Tapping into the earthy, somatic energies of the patient cosmic Bull ensures that we don’t lose ourselves in the drama, the trauma, in the webs of complexity, in the struggles for power and control. We learn to hold onto what’s real, whilst still kissing the edges of our sanity. We learn just how far we can push our limits before returning to the comforting arms of serene, stable Taurus. 

So, if we’re feeling as if this Full Moon tempts us to the edge, especially considering the close square to Pluto, the modern co-ruler of Scorpio, let's go there. Let’s see what lies on the other side of this cosmic madness. Exploring these obsessions whilst staying present in our bodies will build confidence in the knowledge that we can come back, transformed, evolved and newborn. After all, Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth.

The ancient ruler of Scorpio - the Warrior (ess) Mars, lies nestled between Saturn and Neptune. S/he draws away from the stern taskmaster of heavy responsibility and towards Neptunian yearnings, visions, escapism and fantasy. So, whatever we have hustled in the last few months, let us soften and allow for flow to guide and direct us for a change. This is an emotional time, making it essential to listen closely to Spirit and connect with what's moving us instead of forcing our own will onto any situation. Shadow work is what will bring us that much closer to the light. Dare to unpack Pandora’s box and we might find ourselves rewarded with gifts beyond our wildest dreams.