Venus in Aries


With Venus in Aries, you embody an impulsive, passionate, and bold romantic energy. Craving constant variety, you thrive in dynamic and stimulating environments, both socially and romantically. Making friends effortlessly, you're admired for your love and zest for life. As an enthusiastic and lively companion, as well as an energetic colleague, your presence is a beacon of excitement.

In love, the Aries energy doesn't dwell on the past. Instead, it focuses on the thrill of the chase and the joy of conquest, though it can foster long-standing relationships as long as freshness is maintained. This period is ideal for indulging in luxury, embracing an 'easy come, easy go' attitude towards finances, and showing off your finest attire and accessories. However, it's wise to steer clear of coarseness and avoid throwing childish tantrums.

Aries's blunt nature means you're straightforward, often without sugar-coating. While this honesty can be startling, it's rarely mean-spirited or petty. Being direct is crucial to you, as your desires are expressed spontaneously, with enthusiasm and clarity. Embrace this time to actively pursue your desires and express yourself with authenticity and boldness.

Starting on April 3rd, Venus will be in a conjunction with Neptune at 28 degrees Pisces, blending romantic desires with dreamy and spiritual undertones. You'll feel a heightened sense of empathy and connection, urging you to merge reality with your fantasies in love and creative pursuits.

Moving into April 6th, Venus enters Aries at 1 degree and forms a sextile with Pluto in Aquarius, also at 1 degree. This transition signals a shift towards assertiveness in your relationships and financial matters. The Venus-Pluto aspect encourages transformative connections, where you'll find power in vulnerability and the courage to pursue what truly matters to your heart.

By April 17th, Venus at 15 degrees Aries aligns with the True Node, emphasizing destiny-filled encounters in your personal and professional life. This is a time to follow your passions and connect with people who can propel you towards your future goals.

On April 21st, Venus at 20 degrees Aries conjuncts Chiron, the wounded healer. This aspect brings an opportunity for healing through love and self-acceptance. It's a powerful moment to embrace your vulnerabilities and learn from them, turning past pains into strength.