• Balancing Freedom with Responsibility
  • July 24 2021

Full Moon in Aquarius

On July 23rd a Full Moon in airy Aquarius lights up the heavens. There’s been a great deal of activity in this unconventional sign this year, and this lunation simply illuminates more Aquarian topics. This includes questions of freedom, independence, fighting for a cherished cause and connecting to a like-minded community.

Casting our minds back to the New Moon in Aquarius earlier this year, on February 11th, can help us see and understand the energies of this Full Moon. What intentions did we set back then? What did we begin to learn, about ourselves, about the world, about our freedom and sense of autonomy? Was there any cause close to your heart that is now starting to manifest results? Full Moons always bring a fruition to our lives, and we can see this most clearly in the knowledge, ideologies and communities we began to develop back then.

This Full Moon can also reveal to us where we really belong, what group is best suited to us. It can offer us the chance to release causes, communities and dreams that no longer serve us, or that we don’t feel aligned to anymore. The beauty and gift of all Full Moons is the chance to see what has and hasn’t worked, and to wipe the slate clean.

With the Sun in fiery, heart-centered Leo, it’s also important to find some sort of balance between “me” and “them”. A part of us needs to stand out, to be special, seen and validated, to live from the heart. The other part of us clamors to belong, to merge and to be part of something bigger than ourselves – this is typical Aquarius energy. As with all Full Moons, finding a middle ground is the key to avoiding jumping between polarities, especially the polarity of head versus heart, of family versus friends, of receiving love and well as giving it.

This particular Full Moon may feel a little heavy, especially when it comes to the mental realm. Aquarius loves to share information, to analyze and to think, but with Saturn so close by, the traditional and ancient ruler of this Full Moon, we may take ourselves very seriously and feel somewhat flat. We can find within ourselves a strong resistance to authority, even encountering authoritative obstacles in our lives at this time which we may not have anticipated.

And so, this is actually the perfect time to claim our own, inner authority, to listen to our inner teacher and innate wisdom. Of course, there are rules we will all have to follow too, as Saturn is the taskmaster, the law and the structure of society – especially when in the sign of Aquarius.

Pluto is close to this Full Moon, though not in the same sign. Mercury opposes Pluto across the skies, which lends a slightly obsessive mental energy into the picture, and perhaps a chance to empower ourselves with knowledge instead of being manipulated or manipulating others. And with the Jupiter-Venus opposition happening too, there’s also a call to learn to curb any excesses and to balance the practical and the magical in all of our relationships.