• Increased Desires
  • January 28 2021

Full Moon in Leo

On January 28, 2021, the first lunar Full Moon culmination of the year occurs at 9° of Leo. The energy of this lunation beacons a return to who we are and how we show up in the world. The Sun is the ruler of the sign of Leo, and it represents the inner fire of an individual, and the true authenticity which they creatively express. It is the sign that operates from a place of childlike enthusiasm, and heart centered joy. A Leo loves to be recognised for who they are and all that they are giving, often from a platform for others to see. Feelings and emotions come to a head in regards to leadership in the solar ruled sign of Leo.

At the time of this Full Moon, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Aquarius, in a conjunction with Jupiter at 9° of this sign. Mercury and Saturn are also transiting Aquarius, creating a stellium of planets in the humanitarian Air sign. The Moon is across from the crowd in Leo, preparing an emotional stage presentation of individuation. This contributes to the collective in true Aquarian form.The opposition is about building new personal expressions of ideas and discovering new forms and means of connecting with others. The opposing energies are challenging us to be open to the expansion of self in the future, and share from a place of individual authenticity. Saturn provides stability and support of these new ideas of expression. The Lord of Karma doesn’t care how unusual or orthodox these ideas are, it just wants them to be structured enough to stick and stay in a lasting way.

The Moon opposing the planets in Aquarius, creates a T-square to Mars, Uranus, and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus. These squares are tense aspects to the troublesome trio in the fixed Earth sign, so it is important to remain grounded in a heart space in order to avoid any distraction from the surrounding dramas that are sure to be unfolding. Behavior based on a ruling principle of love, provides the best possibility of uniting forces in this unprecedented time of change. The Moon rules emotion, so operating in the higher frequencies of the Leo attributes such as gratitude, joy, and love for self and others is highly favored and available during this lunation.

The long running square from Neptune in Pisces to the lunar nodal axis is exact on the 28th, the day of the Full Moon. The nebulous nature of Neptune creates a lack of clarity and even a desire for escapism. A square to the future and the past, represented by the North and South node, challenges a search for truth, and the removal of illusions. It is possible to remain the observer and overcome the obscurity by operating in the higher vibration of Neptune, through connecting to the Source energy of Spirituality, compassion and love.

The Leo Moon stands alone, with the Sun across the chart in Aquarius, accompanied by three other planets. In addition, a Fire trine is created as the Moon connects to Chiron at 5° of Aries. In this supportive aspect, personal wounding may be triggered in order to pull for the strength of growth in action. An echoing of  Leo self love, the very foundation of contributing to the collective.