Full Moon in Taurus October 24 2018

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Full Moon in Taurus October 24 2018

Unexpected Rewards
October 24 2018

There is a certain grandeur to the October Full Moon in Taurus on October 24th, the sign in which it is traditionally considered to be exalted. Taurus relates to security and good living, with an emphasis on comfort and the feel-good factor. Moon in Taurus mothers typically ensure that there is plenty of food in the kitchen cupboards, and everyone is well clothed and otherwise cared for.

The Moon conjoins Uranus, accentuating individual needs with a touch of innovation and eccentricity. This can mean that what we expect as “usual” Taurus-type behaviour will manifest as anything but usual. Sometimes, where Uranus makes a mark, there is a division to be grappled with. Therefore, decisions may have to be made about protecting personal comforts, whilst also surrendering a form of security.

When we think of Taurus, we think of placid and hardworking characteristics. Taurus is associated with the farmer. It’s a creative sign ruled by Venus in all her luscious sensuousness. But there is also another side to Taurus. Just think of the Bull associated with Taurus and you can start to get a feel for it. Whilst this Venus-ruled sign is gentle when treated well, when you get on their bad side they can become extremely stubborn and angry.

The Full Moon in Taurus brings us back to our instinctive nature and our relationship to the physical world around us. All Taurus wants is assurance that it has enough to survive. Opposite sign Scorpio is the reaper. This is why Taurus is sometimes associated with possessiveness and insecurity, because driving the need for physical comfort is the terror of death.

The Full Moon also opposes Venus in Scorpio. The theme of envy is often linked with Scorpio. In this case, we may envy someone else’s physical appearance. Will it motivate us enough to take steps to emulate that appearance? Or will we settle with what feels easier and more comfortable?

Venus opposite Uranus shows that we need to make way for new perspectives, different ways of doing things, innovation. We need to wake up when it comes to how we’re treating ourselves and each other. Our values too are changing. Note that the Moon-Sun, Venus-Uranus oppositions are square to the Nodes. We may get something unexpected. It’s a shock, it’s a delight, either way, it’s different. Maybe we had a hint because Venus, ruler of this Full Moon, has been opposite to Uranus once already on September 12. The second opposition is exact on October 31. The last is on November 30. Venus is currently retrograde in opposite sign Scorpio, so we’re being directed to look within and explore shadow material..

 Since Uranus is involved, this does have an extra, personal touch; the goal is perhaps set aside in order to keep someone else happy. Or, given the opposition of the Moon to Venus, the goal may be pursued in reaction to what somone else wants. The inner tension of the oppositions involved around this Full Moon could drive both sets of people forward to achieve greater things, whilst not necessarily being able to offer direct support to one another.

The Taurus Moon also trines Saturn in Capricorn, adding a grounding quality. Despite the wild-card accent of the Uranus conjunction, it might be well to observe a few rules. There is room to move out of the established mould with this Moon and attend to individual needs and desires, but it makes sense to pay respect to some of the wisdom of the past as well. Wherever we may not fully succeed with the new, we can still find a solid path by leaning back on tried and tested methods.

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