• Group Focus
  • March 30 2020

Mars in Aquarius

With Mars moving into Aquarius suggests we may have issues dealing with social interactions. Normally, Aquarius signifies independence, freedom and coming together as a collective. With Saturn recently moving into Aquarius defining a new reality with social distancing, this position of Mars can add a lot of tension.

Aquarius is a very unique sign; it is fixed air but its symbol is the water bearer. It is associated with technology, innovative ideas, ideals, equality and society. Ruled by eccentric and lightning fast Uranus but also traditionally ruled by Saturn. It makes for a combination that can be quite progressive yet held back by traditional structures that cannot easily adapt. It is interesting how the technology industry is almost totally immune to the current world pandemic.  

Mars will conjunct with Saturn on the 31st and may cause some conflict or anger against resent restrictive controls. Freedom of thought and action to 'do one’s own thing' is of paramount importance in Mars in Aquarius. Much of our energy should be channeled into humanitarian projects in any way, this can help spread positivity and assisting those in need during these difficult times.

Taking on the traditional establishment may also be themes not only during this Mars in Aquarius phases but also with Saturn in Aquarius for the next few months. Be careful to avoid conflict with others or letting anger or other strong emotions take hold of you. Aquarius is best at detaching from emotions and looking at situations objectively and therefore able to make better judgements and decisions.