• Scattered Energy
  • August 20 2022

Mars in Gemini

One of the most important cosmic events of 2022 commences on August 20th, when Mars, planet of action, war and passion, moves into Gemini for an extended stay. The red planet will make his home in this mutable air sign all the way until March 26th, 2023. The reason why Mars is staying so long here is due to his retrograde motion from October 30th until January 12th, 2023. He usually stays for about two months in any one sign, but due to his backward dance, his visit is much, much longer.

The last time Mars was in Gemini was over the last part of 2007 into early 2008. It may be useful to cast our minds back to that time and notice what themes were at play then. Difficult themes, specifically, seeing as Mars is known as one of the ‘lesser malefic” planets in traditional Astrology.

What this means is that the nature of Mars is generally challenging – he is the planet of battles and bloodshed, after all. However, Mars can be beneficial in that he urges us to act, to initiate and to assert ourselves. This planet lends energy to any given situation and draws energy from the sign it is in. As a mutable (changeable) sign, Gemini is constantly on the move, always searching for intellectual stimulation and eager to expand their skills and knowledge. Thus, our own actions and energy during this 7-month period is bound to be focused on how much more we can learn. It’ll also be about tending to details and logistics as well as communication and sharing our ideas.

Gemini is also a very busy, variety-seeking sign. It loves to talk and chat, to think and analyze. Seeing as we are likely to be quite busy juggling many mental balls during this period and potentially becoming quite stressed out, we’ll need to remind ourselves to slow down and watch our words. The shadow side of Mars in Gemini can be too clever for their own good, and at times, our choice of language could be cutting and provocative. The retrograde period will be a time to be especially careful of our words and of taking on too many mental tasks.

A positive way to use this cosmic energy is by lending our time and attention to tending to the small details at work and in our careers. We could choose to look at what might need to be improved and worked upon when it comes to, for example, our social media presence, our website and the language that we choose to put out message out there. We could work harder on constructive and conscious communication with loved ones, siblings and family, as well as colleagues and workmates.

During his time here, Mars will connect with grounded Saturn and misty Neptune three times each. His trines to Saturn – also in air – will help to bring our restless and possibly anxious energy back down to earth and assist us to bring discipline to our actions. However, the squares to Neptune may have us missing important details, feeling exhausted or experiencing a lack of motivation. These will be times to rest and reflect, rather than push too hard.

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