• Intellectual Action
  • March 04 2021

Mars in Gemini


The winds of change pick up their pace as Mars enters Gemini on March 3, where it will stay until April 23. For the first two months of 2021, the slow, deliberate energy of Mars in Taurus pumped our personal brakes, a counterbalance to the heady paradigm shifts of transpersonal planets Saturn and Jupiter ingressing into Aquarius. Now, with all three planets trine in air signs, those much-needed gusts of fresh energy can finally sweep through our everyday lives.

In mutable Gemini, Mars is flexible, versatile and filled with ideas. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini boosts our communication like a high-speed internet connection, setting us up to download a dizzying influx of fresh concepts, bounce our ideas off others, and swiftly connect the dots. With its finger on the pulse of the moment, Mars in Gemini inspires us to live fast and in the now, emphasizing alertness and spontaneity. With its quick mental tempo, its influence is ideal for brainstorming, intellectual pursuits, and projects with many moving parts. Take plenty of notes during this time — it’s easy to start more than we finish or get distracted by the next new thing — but the inspiration from this transit will be worth reviewing for months to come.

Mars will receive three-fold support in the last half of March. First, on March 18–19, it forms a tender sextile at 8 degrees with Chiron in Aries, nudging us to face our insecurities and tackle our baggage head-on. Then, on March 22, Mars trines Saturn at 10 degrees, prodding us to stabilize our goals and think practically about our future. Finally, on March 27, Mars in Gemini conjoins the North Node at 13 degrees, giving us a glimpse at our own big picture — and the drive to help us move forward by conquering whatever notions stand in our way.  

The trickiest moments of this transit come from squalls with water energy. As Mercury enters Pisces on March 15, and especially as it squares Mars at 11 degrees on March 23, smart mouth Gemini may become too restless or impatient for sensitive Pisces. However, these two mutable signs can make this a cooperative clash, if chatty Gemini can find a way to join forces with compassionate Pisces to help us talk out our feelings without getting too heavy. Later, on April 9–10, as Mars squares watery Neptune in watery Pisces at 21 degrees, we may feel discouraged or depressed as we turn inward to poke at our own sore spots, and it could be easy to project our self-loathing into toxic gossip. Protect your energy and stay focused. Use this time to interrogate your shadow side with dream journaling, meditation or lose yourself altogether by helping others or channeling your creativity. 

Mars in Gemini closes on a powerfully uplifting note as Mars at 26 degrees trines Jupiter in Aquarius on April 17–18. Jupiter, bestower of gifts and good fortune, will work with Mars to open opportunities and amplify our optimism. Be sure to take some deep breaths — Mars-Jupiter synergy has a way of instigating us to take big risks, for better or worse, and we do not want to overshoot. But, with our confidence skyrocketing and our instincts on point, it’s one of the best times this year to make bold moves or kick off new ventures.