Mars in Leo


Mars is the archetypal warrior planet that governs our drives, desires, lusts, and physical prowess and so we can all feel the pull towards Leo-like qualities such as self-expression and playfulness. Leo rules the heart, and with Mars in this sign, we all have the potential to be led by our deepest, heart-centered desires.

Over the next few weeks, we can confidently claim our own place in the spotlight and be brave enough to tackle our projects and relationships with enthusiasm and optimism. Mars in Leo is a true fighter, seldom ever giving up on someone or something he loves.

Leo is also the classic sign of royalty and with Mars here, we may become more authoritative and commanding. During this period, we can have the courage to stand up for ourselves, to go for that promotion and enthusiastically lead up big projects.

Mars in Leo energy is also all about the drama, the parties, and the glamor. All this may seem so much more attractive than ever, but we could also veer on the wrong side of Mars in Leo – the drama queen! Knowing this, let us instead rather express our more playful, fun-loving side that doesn’t hold back when it comes to authentically expressing ourselves, yet knows where the limits are too.

Seeing as Mars is also the planet that governs desire, and the sign of Leo governs the home, hearth, and children, we could find ourselves either yearning for more time spent with our “pride” – our family, that is – or even yearning to create a family of our own. We may be far more protective and willing to fight for our families than ever before – and sometimes, perhaps fight with our family, too! Mars does rule conflict after all.

This yearning may manifest as creative projects instead of children, but whatever the choice is, it’s important to turn our energies towards something we feel passionately about that stokes our creative fire.

A warning with Mars in Leo can be to be mindful of becoming domineering, attention-seeking or dominant. Mars can be a destructive, conflict-driven planet that seeks to divide and conquer, and with this strong, fiery Leo energy, it’s easy to get caught up in self- absorbed desires.