• Asserting through Relationships
  • August 27 2023

Mars in Libra

Mars, known as the warrior planet, transitions from practical Virgo to diplomatic Libra, however, Libra is not the most comfortable place for Mars, being a charming and people-pleasing sign, leading to some challenges. Mars, associated with war and action, may find it difficult to adapt to the harmonious nature of Libra, making us feel somewhat out of balance.

 This placement is favorable for peacemakers and justice warriors, fostering a desire for equality, balance, and fairness. During Mars' transit through Libra, these values become important for all of us. However, we must find a way to uphold these principles without neglecting our own needs or falling into procrastination.

Libra being an air sign tends to intellectualize matters before taking action. We might find ourselves fighting battles through mental debates and negotiations, as this sign excels at such skills. It's a good time to compromise in love or professional matters, but we must avoid sacrificing our desires solely for the sake of harmony. Doing so could lead to resentment and potential manipulation, especially since Mars in Libra tends to avoid confrontation.

In the realm of relationships, Mars in Libra enhances our flirtatious and romantic side, making us desire admiration and seeking fun. For singles, it's an opportune time to welcome new love, but the indecisive nature of Libra may make it challenging to settle on one person. For those already in relationships, there can be greater harmony, but we must be cautious of seeking attention outside the relationship. Mars in Libra can evoke a seductive and flirtatious demeanor, which needs monitoring.

Over the six weeks of Mars in Libra, the focus lies in creating balance and harmony in relationships and within ourselves, both at work and during leisure. This period opens up opportunities for pleasure, creativity, and inviting romance into our lives. As long as we prioritize our own needs, this time can be delightful and sensual.

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