• Putting others first
  • September 15 2021

Mars in Libra

Mars, the warrior planet, heads from practical Virgo into diplomatic Libra, starting September 14th and lasting until October 30th.  The planet of war and lust is never all that comfortable in this most charming and people-pleasing of signs and is said to be in his detriment here. Mars is the kind of planet that craves bloodshed and action, so playing nice can make all of us feel slightly out of kilter.

With that said, it’s also important t to remember that some of the greatest leaders in the world – Nelson Mandela and Gandhi, to name two - had their natal Mars in Libra. This is a brilliant placement for peacemakers and warriors of justice, bringing a desire for equality, balance and fairness. When Mars transits Libra, we are all moved to cleave closely to these important principles. However, we’ll need to also figure out how to do this without putting our own needs aside or procrastinating.

Libra is an air sign, and thus, likes to intellectualize things before taking action. We may find that we fight our battles from a distinctly mental angle, and with a passion for debate. Libra is the type of sign that adores a good discussion and has a great talent for negotiation. If there’s something you need to compromise on, in love or professionally, now’s the time to do it. Once again, it is essential not bend over backwards to please or sublimate our personal desires for the sake of harmony. If we do that, we inevitably invite resentment and even potential manipulation, as we may struggle to ask for anything directly when Mars is in confrontation-avoidant Libra.

Speaking of relationships, Libra is the quintessential sign of love, romance and desire. When Mars is in Libra, we can all feel extremely flirtatious, in the mood to have some fun and enjoy admiration from others. If we’re single, this is the time to invite new love. We’ll need to keep in mind that we’re likely not in the space to choose one person or the other – this period is more about exploring what the world has to offer. Libra is famously indecisive, after all, especially when there are so many delicious options on the menu.

If we’re attached, we could enjoy greater harmony and peace with our lovers, yet still seek attention from outside. This can get dangerous, so we’ll need to keep an eye on our own behavior. Mars in Libra can be a femme fatale, falling in ‘love’ daily with whoever is noticing us at the time and being quite the seducer, too.

During his travels in lovely Libra, Mars will connect with Saturn and Jupiter in two harmonious trines, seeing as they are also in the air sign of Aquarius. End September and mid-October are the times to watch, where we can take disciplined and principled social action. This will help to navigate the tricker Mercury Retrograde period, and bring us buoyancy, luck, positivity and optimism. There is a moment of difficulty when Mars and Pluto connect in a tight square a few days before Mars changes signs on the 30th. This could reflect a period of high intensity, abuse of power or tyranny and forcefulness, so it’s essential that we face and manage our own actions around that time.

During this 6-week period of Mars in Libra, we can focus most on creating balance and harmony in our relationships and within ourselves, at work and at play. We can enjoy more pleasure, creativity and invite romance into our lives. As long as we always remember our own needs, this has the potential to be a sweet, delicious and sensual time.