• Expression through work
  • July 29 2021

Mars in Virgo

On July 29, 2021, Mars at 29° of Leo, opposes Jupiter at 29°of Aquarius. This aspect occurs on the heels of Jupiter’s exit from Pisces, and its ingress back into Aquarius. Mars also makes a move, from the fellow Fire sign of Leo, where he intermingled with his cosmic lover Venus, and is moving into the Earth sign of Virgo. Jupiter and Mars connecting at the anaretic degree, the karmic degree of completion in the sign of Pisces and Leo respectively, reminds us that we can suit up in our individual spiritual sovereignty, and show up for society, in an optimistic endeavor of creating abundance for the collective, and essentially, the future of humanity. The opposition encourages the expansion of our inner fire, into the arena of our fellows. Now Mars, the ruler of the first house, and Aries, the Fire sign of our individual self, can aim action at service to others.

Mars in Virgo knows how to get the job done. The diligent Virgo provides the platform of energy for the front line commander to work out the details This common sense display of Mars is practical, and an effective display for just about any accomplishment desired. The planet of drive and determination, is supported in stepping out of ego, and enabled to channel the passion into areas of outward support. The target becomes clearer as Mars conjoins with the North Node of destiny, transiting Gemini at 7°. This may require overcoming some obstacles on August 13th, as Mars creates an inconjunct (or quincunx) to Saturn in Aquarius at exactly 9°. However, ambition is strong and grounded in the virtuous Earth sign, and able to disseminate facts in order to find solutions to accomplish goals. By the 22nd of August, Mars creates an exact Earth trine to Uranus at 14°of Taurus, which can provide innovative solutions and allow advanced thinking to prevail. Sudden changes in the landscape may derail the path, and new expressions will have to be found off the beaten path.

A make or break, use it or lose it energy is created in an opposition from Mars to Neptune in Pisces, at the critical 22° mark. This is a call to tune into our intuition and also integrate some spiritual modalities into our mode of operandi. Remaining mindful of motives is imperative under this influence, lest we regress back into operating out of ego. We are supported on September 6th by a trine from Mars at 24° of Virgo, to Pluto at 24° of Capricorn. We may become extra driven to more beyond limitations of the past, purging our power to evolve. Just prior to preparing to leave Virgo on the !4th, Mars, still at 24°, will be inconjunct to Jupiter, now transiting at 24° of Aries, the sign that Mars rules. This quincunx aspect is challenging us to connect to the initial purpose activated between Mars and Jupiter on August 29th and expand our abundance by way of assistance to others.

While transiting Virgo, decisions are slowed, and efficacy is increased. The lower vibration of this transit can trigger the heat in Mars, gives the tendency to overreact to any critique, even when constructive. Human defenses run deep and can provoke control issues formerly in tow.

A loose cannon can result if not mindful of our actions. With motivations in check, The Divine Masculine, in the structured and steadfast sign of the Virgin, can ground the reckless ambition of acquiring what we want. And when these wants are to serve the future growth of all, there is no better energy to support bringing such into fruition.