Mercury in Aries


When Mercury is in Aries, we are less concerned with objective viewpoints and explanations, and more concerned with reaching a decision…quickly! Our thoughts and ideas are pioneering, and we tend to speak more spontaneously and directly with the planet of communication in bold and assertive Aries. You can be more quick-witted, observant, sharp, original, inventive and competitive have ore original ideas and put them into practice. Its a good time for writing, speaking and debate as you can influence others and promote your own ideas. Be wary of being sarcastic, over-enthusiastic, excitable and given to exaggeration. Venus is in a close conjunction with Mercury at the moment so it will give more of a empathetic and emotional flavor to our communicative style

As Mercury is going Retrograde on the 22nd of March these themes will be even more exaggerated and emphasized and will prolong the time that Mercury is in this very assertive and action oriented sign of Aries ruled by Mars. Avoid making big descisions that are purely based on emotional impulse or instinct rather than rational and logic thought.