Mercury in Capricorn


Mercury enters Capricorn tonight where he will be for about a month. Themes around this Mercury placement include precise communication and thinking about long-term goals: choose your words carefully, write your career goals, use a grounding meditation to bring your thoughts down to Earth. If you’re feeling pessimistic in the coming weeks, use this planetary energy to think through the issues and get clear about the problem. Once you see it (and accept it), you’re ready to transform it.

While this may not seem like the most exciting time, Mercury in Capricorn is full of benefits! And the timing couldn't be better: This transit always happens near the New Year, blessing us with grounded, goal-oriented energy to help us make and keep our resolutions.

One of the biggest benefits during Mercury in Capricorn is the building of ideas. The many thoughts that run through our minds are easier to organize, and we can see them like puzzle pieces, arranging them until they fit together in the way that makes the most sense. Once we can see our ideas as a solid form, we are able to take action and turn them into reality

You may be feeling or want to become more ambitious, practical, shrewd, patient and well organized - possess sound reasoning ability - be careful of being narrow-minded and lacking humor on occasion. Channel your Mental power into education and learning.

While we tend to be straightforward during this transit, we must beware of the tone we take when interacting with others. Capricorn is acutely aware of hierarchies, which means that conversation may become more controlling than constructive. We all think our ideas are the best ideas during Mercury in Capricorn, but if we spend too much time worrying about who's in charge, we won't end up getting much done.