Mercury in Gemini


Mercury enters its ruling sign of Gemini which allows you to have an extremely adaptable, energetic, active, alert,curious,and versatile mind.

You can be more interested in seeking knowledge, either through reading or conversation, or through travel and talking with the new people you constantly meet. You may have nervous energy that this can sometimes cause great stress which must find an appropriate release. Exercise is a good way to release this tension. You may want to experiment and to taste a little bit of everything - concentration and disciplined study will not be strong points.

During this period, it’s going to be absolutely essential to have a good “mental diet”, meaning that we will need to carefully pick the intellectual food we are feeding to our minds. If we don’t, we may become rather anxious and even overwhelmed with information. Luckily. Mercury in Gemini is great at sifting fact from fiction, and we can have a keener attention to detail than usual.

Gemini is a sign that generally finds it tough to make decisions, simply because it seems as if the options and opportunities available – we may freeze in fear of making the wrong choice, leading to making no choices at all.

Hence, over this Mercury in Gemini period, it’s important to stay open, yet focused and perhaps even to think about limiting our options to just a few choices, so that we can feel on top of things, mentally.

Our task this month is to have a process of elimination so that our decisions become clear and easier!