Mercury in Leo


As Mercury enters Leo on July 2nd, it embodies a grand placement fit for royalty and leaders. Leo's passionate communication style exudes warmth, dignity, and authority. Transitioning from the nurturing waters of Cancer, Mercury in Leo channels the protective and proud energies of a father figure. This energy is masculine and active, inspiring us to take the stage and address a broad audience.

Leo rules the heart while Mercury governs the mind, creating a harmonious fusion of these vital centers. We have the opportunity to express our true emotions with conviction and purpose. However, every sign has its shadow side, and Mercury in Leo can tend to dominate conversations. It's easy to become egotistical, believing our viewpoint is the sole one of importance. During this period, it is crucial to listen attentively, remembering that others deserve to have a voice as well.

Another challenge of Mercury in Leo is the inclination to become opinionated. If someone disagrees with us, we may resort to raising our voices, akin to the roar of a lion, but not in a constructive manner. Let us occasionally lower the volume and attentively listen to our hearts and the value in others' ideas. Furthermore, Mercury in Leo possesses a touch of diva-like qualities and a tendency for drama, which can be entertaining. Adding a touch of flair to our expressions can bring vibrancy to conversations, so let us not shy away too much. Those engaged in teaching, presenting, singing, or acting can thrive during this period of Mercury in Leo.

On July 3rd, Mercury at 1 degree Leo will oppose Pluto at 1 degree Aquarius, bringing intense and transformative communication dynamics. This opposition may uncover hidden truths and power struggles, urging us to face and resolve deep-seated issues. By July 8th, Mercury at 10 degrees Leo will form a harmonious trine with the True Node at 10 degrees Aries, encouraging us to align our communications with our true path and destiny. This aspect supports forward-thinking and courageous self-expression.

Later, on July 18th, Mercury at 23 degrees Leo will trine Chiron at 23 degrees Aries, offering a healing opportunity through open and heartfelt conversations. This trine allows us to address wounds and find solutions through understanding and empathy. Finally, on July 21st, Mercury at 26 degrees Leo will square Uranus at 26 degrees Taurus, potentially bringing sudden and unexpected changes in communication and thought patterns. This square may challenge our fixed ideas and prompt innovative thinking and adaptability.