• Intellectual Seclusion
  • March 15 2021

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury moves into the mystical, magical and imaginative sign of Pisces on the 15th of March, 2021. After quite a long journey in electrifying, unique and heady Aquarius, Mercury slips into this cooling and empathic sign, ready to dive deep into the subconscious and take some time out from the world and society.

The messenger planet is known for being a chameleon, and for truly taking on the skin of the sign he is in. in Pisces, Mercury often has a poor reputation, this being the sign of his “fall” or detriment.

However, Mercury in Pisces has some very special gifts to lend us, and some of the most remarkable minds in the world have this unique placement.  Mercury in Pisces is at its best when it’s given the ability to stay away from pure logic and allowed to swim in the waters of intuition and imagination. When this planet is allowed to meditate and receive messages and gifts from the universe, instead of trying to force a rational thought, it’s at its very best.

Yes, Mercury in Pisces can be confusing, and thoughts can become muddled, unclear or even murky. Mercury in Pisces has the tendency to soak in the entire world’s subconscious ideas, and has a strong lack of discernment when it comes to to deciding what thought belongs to us, and what belongs to someone else. Hence, this is a time where it’s very important to have strong mental boundaries! This will help to keep us on an even keel and reap the rewards of this time.

Mercury in Pisces is also suited to any kind of work involving poetry, singing, music and storytelling. This placement has a tendency to paint the world in the brightest – or the darkest – colors, so turning our mind towards the light is extremely important, lest we get lost in the horrors of the subconscious. We can learn much through story and myth, which Mercury in Pisces loves!

Doing this journey in Pisces, Mercury sextiles Uranus early on, inviting brilliant ideas and original creative concepts – flashes of intuition, too. He then moves on to square Mars on the 23rd, which indicates a period where we will need to be very, very careful of what we say. How we say it and when we say it. Mistakes will be made and conflict may arise. We are much more prone to react when Mercury and Mars clash, and regret the words we speak in haste!  

Mercury then joins misty Neptune, which can turn our psychic energy to full volume – it’s a great time, around the 29th, to do a deep meditation, walk by the ocean, listen to music all day and be ready to receive insights. We will need to avoid deception, as the pull of Neptune’s illusions can be rather strong.

Finally, Mercury sextiles powerful Pluto right before he enters fiery and decisive Aries. This is a period that we can do a deep dive into our psyche, excavating nuggets of psychological wisdom and lowing secrets to be shared with others that we trust. Once Mercury moves into Aries, we will have gained some transformative insights that we can put into action!