• Intellectual Depth
  • October 29 2022

Mercury in Scorpio

When Mercury is in the watery realms of Scorpio, he gains the powers of deeper insight and intuition, becoming immensely psychic. There’s nothing that Mercury in Scorpio doesn’t see, and although this can be a period in which we decide to keep our secrets close, it’s also likely that we’re primed for intense and meaningful conversations. Scorpio doesn’t play around. This sign has a consuming desire to get to the root of a topic and to talk about all things taboo, forbidden and unseen. This is the ideal time to enroll for therapy, to be journaling, practicing Tarot or diving deeper into Astrology. Scorpio is, after all, linked to the occult and has no fear of mysteries. In fact, mysteries are wholly fascinating to Scorpio, and we can be drawn towards investigating and understanding what we were afraid to before. The dark side of Scorpio is, as always, obsession. With Mercury in this fixed sign, our minds might become stuck in one particular pattern, and it becomes essential that we don’t allow ourselves to fall down any old rabbit hole. We won’t be able to avoid this energy, so it’s crucial to channel it into a subject that’s constructive instead of harmful. We’ll also need to watch our words carefully, because as quiet as we may become during this season, when we do speak, we can either speak with wisdom – or with venom. Scorpio has the ability for both, depending on how conscious we are with these energies and what we choose to do. Therein lies our power.

Useful Mercury in Scorpio Crystals