• Purifying the Spirit
  • August 11 2021

Mercury in Virgo

Quick-witted Mercury enters discerning Virgo on August 11, where he will remain until August 30. Some of Mercury’s energetic domains include the delivery of messages, quality of travel, nature of thought patterns and style of communication. As we transition out of fixed fire (Leo) into mutable earth (Virgo), we can expect these areas of our life to become more flexible and grounded. There is a palpable shift away from impulsive expression toward becoming more adaptable to life’s everchanging demands.

Mercury’s brief visit to Virgo denotes a time where we should aspire to deliver messages with loving care, intending for the highest healing of all involved. For this reason, working with spoken mantras and words of affirmation can produce powerful mental shifts that grant us access to new levels of spiritual consciousness from which we can be of greater, more humble service.

In true Virgo fashion, we can experience an increased desire for purification and simplicity in our lives. By eliminating mental stimulus and removing external distractions, we can get to the core of our intuition – the compass by which we would be wise to travel. The Virgo-Pisces axis teaches us the power of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Use this transit to tap into your inner world and explore your unique experiences between your energetic bodies.

Around August 18 Mercury will catch up with Mars in a conjunction. Try to avoid passive-aggressive communication or using hurtful words to manipulate. Any frustration that has been bubbling below the surface can suddenly come up for air, so try to give your feelings a healthy outlet, such as through body movement or exercise.

Mercury meets Uranus in a trine on August 20, bringing us new levels of awareness and fresh solutions to old problems. This is a time to pay attention to sudden insights or ideas and record them, as they likely hold important clues for our healing journey. Mercury approaches an opposition to Neptune and a trine to Pluto around the Aquarius Full Moon, further adding to the spiritual purging and healing potential of the Mercury in Virgo transit. Watch for confusion and avoid making sudden decisions around this time, as Neptune can sometimes muddy the waters of clarity. If you still feel inspired to make big plans after August 30, proceed slowly with your head on straight and eyes peeled for anything that may be deceptively too good to be true.

Content by @healing.human.spirit