• New Growth
  • April 12 2021

New Moon in Aries

Just after the start of the Astrological New Year (21 March); a New Moon in Aries arrives – the first sign of the zodiac. In many ways, this has the feel of a New Year, too, and there’s a sense of real new beginnings around. 

However, this is no easy lunation. The ruler of Aries – warrior Mars – is in busy Gemini, squaring confusing, idealistic Neptune. Aries has all this drive, all this fiery energy, and the Mars-Neptune square has nowhere to channel that drive and enthusiasm. Mars in Gemini can be clever and multi-talented, but at the same time, scattered, especially under the challenging influence of Neptune. 

This can make it tough for us to ascertain exactly what new beginnings need to happen, where we need to take charge in our lives, or what exactly we are in charge of. Although Aries is a sign full of bursting energy, like the energy of Spring, we may feel tired, lethargic or lose interest as soon as we start a project. 

So, what to do, over this New Moon? Well, we make use of the energies of Jupiter, the other planet that Mars is linked to, via a helpful trine. We channel our Aries excitement into the practical application of helping others, into education or social tasks. We can enlist the help and support of our community to achieve the desired goal, instead of relying on ourselves, the way that Aries is used to doing. We use our spark to pioneer, and then allow others to hop on to help complete the goals we’ve set. 

After all, we are nothing without the help of our friends, and as they say, no (wo)man is an island! 

We can also look at creative, altruistic ways to express our energy, and focus our vision on those kinds of projects in the upcoming months. New Moons unfold over about six months, so the seeds we plant now in awareness can help us reach the right kind of climax. 

It’s a good idea to rest during this New Moon and be aware of signs pointing us in the right direction rather than trying to force or push, the way Aries may sometimes do in their enthusiasm. 

Fortunately. Venus and Mercury are close by, which can help – somewhat. We might speak from the heart during this New Moon, and honesty is our mantra, whatever we set out to do. This helps to deal with the intense square from the New Moon to Pluto, which may invite toxic, even bullying situations in our lives, making us feel disempowered. The innocence of Aries can get easily lost in the machinations of Pluto, so that honesty really is our guideline during this New Moon. 

Whatever intense angers arise at this new Moon, let us try and channel it in ways that are constructive and compassionate rather than buy into the drama. Whatever actions we set out to do, let’s make sure that we do it is a way that’s ethical and true to ourselves, untainted by toxicity.