• Working with Limitations
  • August 08 2021

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo on 8 August brings with it big feelings, rapid change and heavy responsibilities. These energies will manifest over the next couple of months – reaching a peak with the Full Moon in Leo on February 16th, 2022.

Any intentions that we set now absolutely have to come from the heart space, despite restrictions or limitations that may be placed upon us at the moment. Leo is all about digging deep into our most dearly held desires and staying authentic and true to ourselves. The question to ask ourselves over this New Moon is how we can create a more joyful, playful and expressive world, despite the challenges facing us.

These challenges come through via planet Saturn, the archetypal planet of time, wisdom, lessons and karma. When Saturn is aligned to any lunation, there are undoubtedly karmic energies around, which can feel a bit heavy at first. However, shouldering the burden of Saturn is the road to long-lasting reward. Although the energy of Leo is about the Self and about personal desires, Saturn in Aquarius is about collective responsibility and the social structures of society. Finding a middle path between these, our personal desires, and the collective needs is one of the keys to success during this New Moon.

It’s possible that we may feel blockages or pain around the heart chakra, even experiencing deep feelings of not-enoughness or unworthiness. This lack mindset can be very strong over this New Moon, but Leo is a strong sign, and gives us all the ability to overcome these emotions, and reach a place of unshakable inner confidence. Doing meditations around the mantra “I am enough” can be a game changer during this serious period.

This is a good time to teach and instruct ourselves, our friends, family and partners on how to live responsibly in society, yet still stay true to our values. Personal integrity is important, as is the need to create more safety and security for ourselves and others. Crafting a firmer foundation within our core will be very important during this New Moon in Leo. Only then can we start manifesting strong outer foundations.

Uranus is also joined via a square to this New Moon. This planet has been a major factor in the chaos and change over this year so far. Hopefully, by this time, we should be used to rolling with the punches and adapting to sudden shifts. There’s more in store for us over the next few months and we find that our intentions manifest in the strangest, most unexpected of ways. Here we have to keep the words of the Dalai Lama in mind - “Sometimes, not getting what we want is a wonderful stroke of luck”

 Jupiter does bless this New Moon, bringing a bit of balance to the weightiness of Saturn and the chaos of Uranus. It’s important we take note of what we can be grateful for, and to perhaps some offer healing a support towards our community if we have the capacity to.