New Moon in Libra October 08 2018


New Moon in Libra October 08 2018

New Connections
October 08 2018

The New Moon on Monday October 8, 2018 falls at 15° Libra. The New Moon October 2018 astrology is similar to the January 2018 lunar eclipse. They both make exactly the same aspects to Neptune and the minor planet Ceres. Expect to feel more sensitive, sympathetic and comforting towards your loved ones. 

The Libra New Moon places a natural emphasis on one to-one relationships. With the Sun and Moon conjunct dwarf planet Ceres, there is an additional accent on the theme of nourishment.  Is the relationships you are in nourishing to both people equally?

 Each human is unique, and a person’s strengths in one area can offer a valuable contribution. The lesson may be to be happy for the gift, rather than comparing and focussing only on our deficiencies. If we are single, the question is how to find what feeds us in the other relationship connections we have. Or how to find the general sense of connection that makes us feel satisfied, through our other interests.

This New Moon speaks of getting projects and relationships off the ground, or even just finding an initial gust of wind to mobilise our energy to meet new people or participating in new activities.

This New Moon is also square Pluto which adds drama and intensity to existing issues. It could also result in completely new problems related to power and control issues. The sign involved, Capricorn, connects to the element of earth, pointing to solid results. Pluto often highlights a power struggle or a sense of being under pressure. The message here may be to see that it is not so much about results as about connections; that the quality of a relationship may be experienced in the powerful and positive feelings it generates

Fortunately, Venus is also linked by trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces, bringing a flexible, mutable quality into play — doubly underscored since Neptune opposes asteroid Pallas Athene in equally mutable Virgo. This adds the potential for flexibility through compassion and empathy; once we recognise our own vulnerabilities in another’s situation or behaviour, we can lean towards a kinder stance.

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