New Moon in Virgo September 09 2018


New Moon in Virgo September 09 2018

Intense Focus
September 09 2018

September’s New Moon on Sunday September 9, 2018 falls at 17° Virgo.  Virgo emphasises a jump start for the physical body. This earth sign New Moon reminds us that, as important as our minds are, if we neglect our bodies they tend to suffer for it and soon enough will let us know.  When we nurture one part of the system, we nurture the other and thus allow universal assistance. If we are ailing, then now is the time to make adjustments, under the dual lights of the Sun and Moon in wisdom-based Virgo.

 Beginnings and reboots are often easier under a New Moon. The September Sun–Moon conjunction sits in opposition to Neptune, which particularly emphasises chemical and fluid balance in the body.

New Moon opposite Neptune is the strongest aspect in the new moon horoscope. This is a challenging influence that makes you more susceptible to confusion and deception. This can lead to more insecurity or uncertainty. There will be many opportunities to clear up any misconceptions or confusion. It is important to be very clear and honest about your own intention.

Jupiter in Scorpio is sextile this New Moon; the sextile aspect can sometimes indicate a minor challenge, experienced as a useful opportunity if viewed in the right way. With Jupiter in the sign ruled by Pluto, there is an ongoing challenge to dig for deeper truth. Traditionally, we look up to the heavens for inspiration and to the future for what might lie ahead. On this occasion, the deepest wisdom is to be found by going inwards, downwards, and even backwards, given that Pluto remains in retrograde motion. 

 New Moon trine Pluto gives the intense focus and determination to uncover secrets and expose lies. It increases your self-confidence and gives the power and influence to deal with competition and assertive people. An intense drive to research and investigate will help you understand complex subjects.

 By reviewing past actions both our own and others’ we can find a more profound, powerful, and resonant set of truths. With Pluto, it is often a case of just knowing that something has become redundant and then allowing the space for new life to emerge. This New Moon may mark a good time for a super clearing-out of physical debris at home: sorting through closets and kitchen shelves for unused items, culling papers in the study, and so on. That which no longer holds living energy for us might be useful to someone else.


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