• Practical Actions
  • September 07 2021

New Moon in Virgo


A potentially healing New Moon is upon us on 6 September at 14 degrees of Virgo. In the sign of the healer, this New Moon brings a deeper focus on health and wellbeing, and asks us to set flexible intentions, because nothing will turn out quite as we expect.

Mars, planet of action, is within ten degrees of the New Moon, urging us to move forward with a practical plan and to get grounded in our desires. We can also find ourselves craving some kind of detox, hungering for a major cleanse and purge. Virgo is a sign that needs to get things in order, and we can find this need spilling over into every area of life over the next several months, from work, to love, to health, or money.

The problem is that, whilst we may have good intentions, the Neptune opposition to the Virgo New Moon indicates confusion and disillusionment, loss and a lack of certainty. We’re not entirely sure where to start nor will we be fully able to trust the usually very clear judgement of Virgo.

So, what do we do? Neptune urges us to trust in the process, to trust in divine guidance and above all, to lean into our intuition. Virgo loves to have the facts and the details, and from there to make a rational decision. However, there’s a compromise to be had with this New Moon. Nothing is clear cut, and we can either drown in the murky waters of confusion, or we can find a way to allow our rational and intuitive faculties to meet in the middle.

One thing we’ll need to be more aware of is our boundaries, as it’s easy to allow these to fall away and be dissipated and pushed. Both creating and respecting boundaries is absolutely key over the next several months, and we need to be constantly checking in with what our soul says.

Fortunately, the ruler of this New Moon, Mercury is not retrograde as yet and is in a strong trine to Saturn, planet of wisdom and maturity. This lends an air of realism to the current cosmic weather, and assists us to tap into our inner guru.

What’s even more important to note is the partile (meaning, ‘exact’) trine of this New Moon to Uranus, planet of unexpected shifts, surprises and liberation. We might find that whatever intention we set, there’s a promising sense of change just around the corner, and we need to be completely open to what the universe has in store for us.

Whether we are trying to formulate a plan for our financial stability, our wellbeing, or initiating a professional path, we do need to be flexible and adaptable. Virgo is a sign that fears uncertainty, which is why this sign plans, plans and plans some more, but that won’t entirely work this time around. We can make our plans, but need to keep in mind that we may have to shuffle our strategy when the time comes.

An overall message of this New Moon is to be deeply kind to ourselves and others, and to not allow our words and criticisms to gallop away with us. Solving problems is important, but looking for problems to solve can stifle our growth. Acceptance of flaws whilst striving for improvement can be something we hold gently in balance with this New Moon.