Solar Eclipse in Capricorn January 05 2019


Solar Eclipse in Capricorn January 05 2019

Self Mastery
January 05 2019

At 15°25′ Capricorn the solar eclipse on January 5, 2019 lies between Saturn and Pluto. This Capricorn New Moon eclipse is unusually striking since the Sun and Moon are surrounded by Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. This Capricorn stellium has the added potency of including the Moon’s South Node, making old patterns of behaviour more pronounced.

We term the gathering of four or more planets in one sign a stellium.  To qualify as a stellium, two of the planets involved must be other than the Sun, Mercury, and Venus  ( because those are often close together ). Clearly, the Moon, Saturn, and Pluto meet this criterion.

The Moon is often experienced as a deeply personal part of our being, yet also symbolises instincts and memories shared in common. These reach universally across human boundaries, including the collective unconscious — a kind of cosmic data bank we can all draw upon, through dreams, meditation, and spiritual connection.

With these mixed energies, this is anything but a straightforward New Moon, even if well-ordered Capricorn might want it that way. One common thread is the Capricorn understanding of the importance of the long game, bringing patience to bear on any situation. Capricorn relates to executive ability and the strength to stand tall and robust, despite how trying matters may be. 

The New Moon and Saturn sextile outer planet Neptune, which hints at both healing and inspiration. If we can open ourselves up to be inspired, persevere at applying some rules, and persist with aiming at self-mastery, there is so much that could be put right in our world. The Solar eclipse January 2019 is ideal for starting creative, artistic and musical projects. A conjunction to fixed star Vega is also a good omen for starting or expanding a business. 


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