Sun in Capricorn


Capricorn Season, starting on the Solstice, 21st December, and ending in the New Year on January 20th, is the season of grounded wisdom and true authenticity. After a potentially excessive and fun -filled Sagittarius period, we may welcome this return to sobriety and stability. That doesn’t mean that it’ll be at work and no play – after all, we’re still in the festive season. No, Capricorn simply knows when to be responsible and when to let go.

What many forget about this mystical sign is that its archetypal symbol is half goat, half fish. The goat half is the part of Capricorn that handles the world of responsibility and reality, and handles it well. The fish half of this sign is the Magician, the Mystic, the Creative and the Escapist. Thus, this is the one zodiac sign that manages to straddle both worlds, that keeps that fine balance between human and spirit, between the material and the spiritual. Think of the story of the Three Wise Men – the Magi, and likely Astrologers - who followed the Star of Bethlehem. These are the perfect archetypes for Capricorn energy.

One of the most outstanding qualities about Capricorn season, is the way in which we too can walk between worlds and access our inner Magi. How we can take care of family, career and other obligations whilst still finding time to have a good time, and time to still connect with our spiritual side. Soberly. Carefully. Cautiously. With a solid plan, we can take on this season with stoicism and endurance. Because let’s face it, the festive season, for many of us, has its ups and downs. The demands of socializing would wear most zodiac signs out, but not the disciplined and able-bodied Capricorn. This sign can do it all.

Of course, the 21st of December is also when Solstice is upon us. This ancient pagan holiday precedes Christmas on the 25th, and is known as “Yule” in the Northern Hemisphere (or Midwinter), and “Litha” in the Southern Hemisphere (or Midsummer). These are important times to either manifest our hopes and dreams for the year ahead (Northern Hemisphere) or to release situations that we don’t wish to burden us in the year to come (Southern Hemisphere). Capricorn, the Magician, perfectly suits this special time of growth and surrender, and is a marker of this moment between worlds. Thus, doing some sort of intention setting, using the Capricorn’s talents for planning and creativity, is one way to work constructively with these energies.

During the Sun’s travels in Capricorn, we can all collectively tap into the structured, orderly and grounded energies. We are pragmatic and earth-bound now, yet we don’t lose sight of the Divine and the heavenly. We have the chance to step into an authoritative role, to assume control and to do it with maturity and authentic wisdom. Restriction is a natural part of ‘adulting’, and being a responsible adult what Capricorn does best, when the time calls for it. We just have to be careful of being too restricting, too self-limiting or of giving into the insecurities that can sometimes plague this sign.