• Learning through your partner
  • September 22 2020

Sun in Libra

On September 22nd at 9:31am EST the Sun leaves Virgo and enters balanced, harmonious Libra. This date also marks the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The Autumn Equinox is the day when the Sun is exactly above the equator resulting in both day and night being of equal length, the most balanced day of the year! It also marks the first day of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. The Autumn Equinox really represents the last harvest. It’s a time of celebration, gratitude, abundance, reflection and the start of a new season. Warmth is behind us and the cold lies ahead.

The Sun in Libra influences us to reflect on where we may have imbalances in our life. Libra represents the scales, influencing us to weigh things out. A strong need to create more of a balance in our life, find a sense of inner peace and a more harmonious life for ourselves. It’s a great time for reflection and journaling, acknowledging the areas you’ve been neglecting as well as the areas you’ve been focusing too much on. Libra is a very meditative energy, so during this transit you may be able to reach deeper states of meditation.

 We will also really be craving more social interaction and connection, a need to relate to others and feel connected. A great time for sharing ideas, compromising, and creating ethical plans. We may be a lot more understanding and diplomatic during this time. Be wary of falling into any people pleasing habits and putting others needs before your own. Libra wants to please and be pleased. and be of service to others but also make time to be of service to yourself, a time to create that balance of action and rest. You may also feel very strong desires to create a very calm, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment. As well as strong desire to live the best and most balanced way possible. Libra season will bring in harmonic balance, justice, connection to others and a fair mind.