• Learning through your partner
  • September 22 2021

Sun in Libra

Libra season begins 22nd September to 22nd October 2021. This happens two days after the Pisces full moon. There is potential for transformation from confusion that may have been brewing up, around creating structure in our lives vs freedom and flow.

As the sun moves from Virgo into Libra; a more socially orientated adjustment may come into play, where our relationships with others highlights where we are needing to create resolution and balance in our lives after the confusion and potential turmoil from the previous few weeks.

 Libra is ruled by the goddess of love: Venus and is very much centred around interpersonal relationships and the art of maintaining healthy ones. Cardinal Libra’s scales symbolise balance, and the need to weigh things out before making decisions. This is an air sign ruling the mind and communication. The cardinal energy rules initiation. Therefore, this ensures that careful listening and the gathering of all information determines productive outcomes that serve all parties involved.

This is an important theme for this month, especially since alongside the Sun, Mars and Mercury are also in Libra.

We are encouraged to master balancing cooperative communication and healthy honest assertion in our interactions with others.

There is the potential for social dysfunction when Mercury in Libra stations retrograde on the 27th of September, playing out till 18th October. Maintaining calamity and clear decisive communication during this period will support potential complexities that may play out.

With Mercury retrograde, we are challenged to review our relationship with others and how we engage them.  Mercurial energies were activated during the Pisces full moon influencing this period.  Mercury came into a trine with Jupiter, and a square with Pluto highlighting subconscious themes being pulled to the surface, not only for reflection, but also for mastery.

We are supported this month with a number of positive astrological aspect.

29th September: Saturn retrograde in Aquarius trines the Sun. This supports the reviewing of our responsibilities, around the changes required that bring us freedom and align us with our goals.

7th October: The sun conjunct Mars in Libra gives us the drive to engage our lives diplomatically with clarity and decisiveness. We are called to carefully weigh both sides of the coin.

9th October: Libran sun in conjunction with Mercury retrograde. The sun supports our need for balance and discernment in our communication and decision making with others.

15th October: The Sun in a trine with Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius heightens our awareness around future possibilities. This energy is hopeful and optimistic but may also leave us feeling restless. Be wary of making reckless decisions as this isn’t a time for resolution just yet.

17th October:  Our last and most challenging aspect for the month sees the Sun coming into a square with Pluto. This is not a comfortable process, and the challenge is to manage our anxiety around power struggles in play with others.  With Pluto, old karmic patterns involving others bring subconscious themes to the surface to be examined.