Sun in Pisces


With the Sun now in Pisces, we are more empathic, sensitive, impressionable, warm and loving. Are personal ego drives are lessened and we become more selfless. Our imagination becomes emphasized and you can see the poetry of life, and no matter where located you infuse a sense of the beautiful into your surroundings. More optimistic and dreamy, we can become more introverted and spend more time reflecting and processing our current situation in life. We tend to go with the flow which is good for people who are controlling or obsessive with our goals and desires. It can be more negative for people who tend to have issues standing up for your values and are lazy or lackadaisical to make change in your life. We have the capability of taking an idea and transforming it into something everyone can appreciate and understand. A strong sense of service and compassion is more emphasizied. We more intuitive and sentimental, use your imagination practically and realistically, rather than live in a make-believe world, giving little attention to practical matters.