Sun in Pisces


The Sun enters the sign of Pisces on February 18th, ushering in a period marked by heightened empathy, sensitivity, and a profound sense of warmth and love. During this time, our personal ego tendencies tend to diminish, allowing us to embrace a more selfless approach to life. The realm of imagination takes center stage, and we find ourselves perceiving the poetry inherent in our daily existence. Regardless of our physical location, we have a remarkable ability to infuse beauty into our surroundings.

Under the influence of Pisces, our outlook tends to become more optimistic and dreamy. We may become more introverted, allocating more time for reflection and introspection concerning our current life circumstances. This inclination to go with the flow can be beneficial for those who tend to be controlling or overly obsessed with their goals and desires. However, it may pose challenges for individuals who struggle to stand up for their values or those who exhibit a lackadaisical attitude toward making meaningful changes in their lives.

One of the notable attributes of this Piscean period is our capacity to take abstract ideas and transform them into concepts that resonate with and are appreciated by a broader audience. A strong sense of service and compassion is emphasized during this time. We become more intuitive and sentimental, yet it's encouraged to channel our imaginative faculties practically and realistically, rather than indulging excessively in a make-believe world while neglecting practical matters.

On February 28th a significant celestial event unfolds as the Sun aligns harmoniously with Saturn, at 9 degrees Pisces. This conjunction marks a moment of cosmic synchronization, blending the illuminating power of the Sun with Saturn's grounding influence. Under this celestial union, we are called to embrace both the compassionate and disciplined facets of Pisces, fostering a sense of responsibility and selflessness that can lead to profound personal growth and understanding.

On March 1st, the Sun advances to 11 degrees Pisces, initiating a harmonious sextile aspect with Jupiter, stationed at 11 degrees Taurus. This planetary interaction heralds a period of optimism and expansion. The Sun's radiance combines with Jupiter's abundant energy, offering us an opportunity to tap into our inner potential and broaden our horizons. It encourages us to believe in our dreams and take practical steps toward manifesting them, all while reveling in the beauty and abundance of life's offerings.

On March 17th the Sun reaches a heightened degree of 27 degrees Pisces, entering into yet another significant conjunction, this time with Neptune. This celestial alignment invites us to dive deep into the ethereal realms of Piscean energy. With the Sun and Neptune in perfect union, our intuition and sensitivity are magnified, allowing us to connect with the mystical and spiritual aspects of life. It's a time for heightened creativity, profound empathy, and the exploration of our dreams and ideals, blurring the lines between reality and imagination as we navigate the boundless oceans of Neptune's influence.