Sun in Sagittarius


The commencement of Sagittarius Season on November 22nd marks a period often affectionately termed the "Silly Season," an annual turn of the wheel that injects a spirit of joviality, freedom, and a penchant for exploration into the collective consciousness. With its ruling planet being the expansive and abundant Jupiter, the largest in our solar system, Sagittarius beckons us to widen our horizons, pursue our truth, and indulge in growth—all while maintaining a sense of humor and sagacity.

Transitioning from the deep, introspective waters of Scorpio to the crackling fires of Sagittarius indeed marks a substantial shift. The intense passion of the season past is transformed, as the emotional depths give way to the frank and unbridled energy of the Archer. Sagittarius, symbolized by the centaur launching arrows skyward, is synonymous with the fearless pursuit and dissemination of wisdom. As one of the zodiac's quintessential teachers, Sagittarius is less concerned with the reception of its truths, often celebrated for its candor and direct aim.

Embracing the mutable nature of Sagittarius, this season heralds a time for change, adaptability, and spontaneity. Representing the archetype of the traveler, Sagittarius harbors an innate restlessness, inspiring us to seek adventure, whether through physical travel, delving into philosophical studies, or consuming literature and media that expand our mental frontiers. This sign's quest is for authentic wisdom, often attained by stepping back to perceive the grand tapestry of life, rather than getting entangled in the minutiae.

However, the Sun's square with Saturn on November 23rd casts a sobering shadow, demanding that we temper Sagittarian exuberance with a sense of responsibility and structure. This aspect challenges us to balance our thirst for freedom with the necessity for discipline, ensuring that our quests for knowledge and growth are not hampered by recklessness or disregard for consequences.

When the Sun squares Lilith on November 28th, the wilder aspects of our nature may surface, instigating a tussle between our desire for unbridled self-expression and the need to conform to societal norms. Lilith's energy during this square can accentuate the more unruly or rebellious tendencies inherent in Sagittarius, compelling us to confront the parts of ourselves that we or others may find unsettling or disruptive.

Sagittarius indeed has its shadow: a propensity for self-righteousness, being scattered, or shirking responsibilities in the pursuit of excitement and novelty. Its changeable, adventure-seeking nature can sometimes lead to impulsivity, where caution is sacrificed on the altar of adventure. Nonetheless, as one of the "luckiest" signs, guided by the protective hand of Jupiter, Sagittarius often finds a way to land on its feet despite the odds. The spirit of risk-taking and exploration is high, but so is the potential for indulgence and excess.

In this "Silly Season," we're invited to embrace the expansiveness and adventurous spirit of Sagittarius while staying mindful of the limits and boundaries that keep us grounded. It's a delicate dance between reaching for the stars and keeping one foot firmly planted on the earth.