• Grounding into the Senses
  • April 20 2022

Sun in Taurus

From April 19 – May 20, the Sun will transit the fixed earth sign Taurus. The focus of our journey will shift, leading us into building something valuable through consistent effort. We must honor the truth that anything worth having takes time to properly develop from inception to physical manifestation. No longer must we feel pulled into the ethos of grind culture; rather, the earthly wisdom of Taurus inspires a grounded and sustainable approach to productivity that is informed by the wisdom of the body’s senses.

In modern astrology Taurus is associated with money, perhaps motivating us to assess and organize our finances. Exploring interpersonal relationships, sexuality, pleasure and desire are also well supported by Venus as the ruler of Taurus. By first clarifying and embodying our core values, we may find the realm of relationships (whether romantic or platonic) to be less mystifying and more empowering.

On April 30 eclipse season begins with a Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse. This lunar event harmonizes with Mars, motivating us to connect to something beyond our narrow personal narrative. A conjunction to Uranus indicates an openness to experimentation and innovation. Ruled by Venus in Pisces, this eclipse creates the perfect container for enhanced creativity, unity of mind-body-spirit intelligence and healing through beauty.

The second eclipse is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 15. This eclipse is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, which both positively aspect the full moon, indicating a shift in priorities as we find a way to let go of something from the past that has outlived its purpose. A challenging aspect to Saturn makes this a full moon that will require us to make a mature choice by striking a healthy balance of logic, emotion and intuition.

On May 10 Mercury will station retrograde in Gemini. While retrograding in its home sign, Mercury feels more comfortable and prepared to revisit conversations, acknowledge errors and otherwise experiment with new ideas and approaches. Mercury will dip backwards into Taurus before going direct on June 3, asking us to step away from overactive mind patterning in favor of creating peaceful moments of reflection.

Jupiter enters Aries on May 10, where the planet responsible for growth and optimism will be until October 28. In Aries, Jupiter will function as an ignition switch, giving us the confidence and gusto to start something new in the area of our chart ruled by Aries.

Content by Violet @healing.human.spirit

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