• Life of the Party
  • January 03 2023

Venus in Aquarius

Out of the clutches of serious Capricorn, this planet can now really play and let loose! Venus is wild and rebellious in unusual Aquarius and her love is freely given to all. Venus in Aquarius sees no differences, whether gender, race or class, and she knows everyone to be her best friend.

When Venus is in Aquarius, our values go from goal-orientated to socially responsible. We want to know how we can help humanity, how we can better society. We’re also looking at ways to break free of any systems that hold us, for the benefit of humankind, Lofty values, yes, but lofty is what Aquarius does best!

Hence, our relationships will also take on this feel, this energy. We might start looking for new information, for growth, for more freedom and independence. We might sort spending more time with friends, or falling in love with a friend. We might even go from lovers to friends, or vice versa. Everything is upside-down in the world of the Aquarius Venus!

Useful Venus in Aquarius Crystals