• Feeling Lighthearted
  • May 07 2023

Venus in Cancer

Venus moves out of curious and clever Gemini and into creative and nurturing Cancer. This transit may really bring a focus on your needs and wants in a relationship – evaluating whether your needs are being met and if you are meeting the needs of others. Allow yourself to find a balance between nurturing and caring for the needs of others and caring for the needs of yourself.

 In Astrology, Cancer is associated with the 4th house – the house of home, family, roots, foundations, and emotions. During this transit, we may feel the influence to connect with and build stronger connections and relationships with those that feel like home, that feel like family. Moving out of the light, airy and sociable Gemini energy into a deeper energy that seeks to connect and relate on a more emotional level.

 Cancer often is associated with being sensitive mainly due to their ability to care so deeply for others, making this transit a great time to reflect upon how you care for and show up for the emotions of yourself, as well as the emotions of others. Do you hold space and actively listen to the emotions of your friends, family and partners? What could you do differently to show more compassion? Do you hold safe and secure space for your loved ones to speak their truth? In your relationships, how can you listen and/or pay more attention to their emotional needs and wants?

Bottom line, Venus in Cancer wants to feel emotional security. Making this transit a great time to focus on how you can bring more emotional security to your relationships, finances, values, beauty and material possessions. To look at your relationships – where do you feel a lack of understanding each other or feel uncomfortable to express your true feelings. Which relationships or people bring you a sense of safety and trust, that you feel you can open up to and tell anything.

When it comes to money and finances – start with how you feel about money and the personal relationship you have with it. Do you lack discipline, are you a bit too care-free? What emotions come up when you think about money – is their excitement, motivation, satisfaction, distrust, anxiety? What emotions come up when you think about your values – are they aligned with your heart and your inner truth, or are you still attaching yourself to old values or family values that you no longer feel connected to?

It’s important to reflect upon the values you hold – especially in relationships, are you honest and vulnerable or do you lie, sneak around and hide your true feelings. Ask yourself how you can take steps toward developing not only a deeper connection with your emotions but allowing yourself to be vulnerable with others, and sympathetic to others. Open yourself up to understanding how others may be feeling or what they may be going through.

While Venus moves through Cancer you are being invited to create more beauty and harmony in your life – to start saying yes to more things that nourish your emotional well-being and no to things that take a toll on your emotional well-being. Allow yourself to be more understanding, and not just of others but also allowing yourself to go deeper with understanding your emotions, behaviours and values.

Venus in Cancer is a reminder that we all need some kind of nurturing love, since we first entered this world, we were given the nurturing love from our Mother. Now we must learn to give that same nurturing energy to ourselves, we must not rely on others to Mother us, and we must not put all our energy into Mothering others. A reminder that on a daily; show yourself love, nourishment and compassion, your emotional body needs it.

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