Venus in Capricorn


With Venus moving out of big-hearted, all-knowing and optimistic Sagittarius into practical, ambitious and materialistic Capricorn we will feel the shift into a more serious, grounded and logical energy in all areas related to Venus; love, romance, money, relationships, self-worth, values, beauty, art and harmony.

We may be influenced to be more cautious and disciplined with our relationships, finances, and values. This will help us to think more responsibly and long-term in these areas. Allow yourself to reflect upon your relationships, what they bring, is there reliability and longevity? To reflect upon finances and how we are investing in ourselves and our future. We will likely see the influence of the Capricorn energy by feeling a need to be more serious about who we have relationships with, if our partners fulfil our needs, as well as how we spend and receive money. Many may also feel this energy in areas of self-worth and values, feeling the influence of Capricorn by thinking only hard work brings financial security and success.

A main theme or lesson during this time may be to move beyond thinking only the material defines your worth. When it comes to Venus and Capricorn the energies are not very alike, Capricorn is very hard-working and goal oriented whereas Venus wants pleasure, romance and passion. This transit may really bring the opportunity to bring more pleasure and passion into your work routines or finding a balance between work and pleasure.

If you are in a relationship during this transit, it’s a great time get more serious and mature, to create stable foundations, to communicate your long-term goals, and how you can come together to manifest your future. There may be a strong focus on creating strong foundations, building families, businesses and really creating anything that brings love and pleasure. Some may come to realize the relationship they’re in isn’t serious enough or you really don’t see it working out in the long run.

During this time, we’re more motivated by long-lasting love and making sure our needs are being met. Capricorn can be a bit self-centered at times, and if they aren’t getting what they want, they will move on in search until they do. They can also be a bit possessive and controlling, so be aware of this influence and reflect on if there is any possessiveness or domination in your relationships. If you are single during this transit your flirtatious energy may be a bit down as you shift into feeling that your love needs to be earned, we may be a lot more realistic and selective when it comes to who we let into our life, we want someone who can support our needs and future.

Capricorn is all about business and work-life, so you may be influenced to reflect upon your career or your area of service and responsibility, is it fulfilling your needs? Do you feel valued? Does it bring any pleasure? If not, how can you make sure you bring pleasure into your daily life? Some may feel motivated to make changes in work-life to feel more valued and aligned. There will likely also be a strong influence to focus on how you treat yourself, learning not to settle for less than you deserve, and no longer relying on others for fulfilling all your needs. This transit will feel very earthy, sensual, and serious. Helping us to make practical and grounded decisions in areas of love, money & self-worth!