• Sense of Responsibility
  • December 10 2022

Venus in Capricorn

Venus is now in Capricorn where it joins Saturn which recently moved into its home Sign of Capricorn a few days ago. Normally, this placement adds a great deal of seriousness to your relationships and with it Conjunct to Saturn initially you may feel more responsibility in your personal relationships perhaps even feeling as it is a burden. You will be more restraining and reserved in displaying your emotional side which may help if you are feeling very heavy dealing with significant others. Be careful not to bury your emotions too deep otherwise they may come out impulsively in a negative or angry way.

Most often you will have some good things come to you in your business life that may involve attracting persons to aid in your current projects. However, Venus will only attract what you put out so be sure to try and maintain a positive attitude to those around you. You will have a better than usual relationship with superiors and authority figures. You may end up working in some artistic projects and this could benefit you and your creative side. Love relationships will be mainly concerned with teachers or guides that can help you succeed in your life as posed to satisfying personal desires.

Useful Venus in Capricorn Crystals